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  1. I got Baltimore (thank you for last night) and Jax for Defenses, think I'm set ROS.
  2. I have the same awesome dilemma myself. I'm rolling with Brees at home.
  3. I say Alex. They are at home and desperate for a win, I think this is going to be a comeback win after two close losses.
  4. I wouldn't give up Crab for Engram, but if he is willing to do it I'd say take it and run.
  5. Yes to keeping Detroit. They have proven to put up good fantasy numbers no matter the situation, and they have some nice matchups ahead of them.
  6. Matt Bryant was so good to me last year I've been loathe to drop him, but the Falcons offense just isn't there to get him close enough. Zuerlein is somehow available on waivers, I'm picking him up immediately. Also, I already have Jax but should I keep New Orleans or Detroit for defense rest of season? Or is Jax matchup proof and forget it at this point?
  7. Why are people so hyped on Corey Davis?
  8. Hunt is the real deal and I think big points are coming again, his floor is still very high. And I'm a huge fan of Shady...but I think the McCoy owner needs another player to make the deal. If the Bills had other weapons it might be a fair deal, but pretty much McCoy is the offense. That said, McCoy has a nice schedule coming up for him.
  9. I'm holding on. His upside is better than whats on waivers....I think.
  10. I think its worth doing, Antonio Brown is pretty much the most reliable stud WR out there. Ajayi is a bust this year in my book and the Fins are usually going to be playing behind lessening the run game. Hill can be amazing but he is more boom and bust than Brown. The only trouble with this plan is it leaves you weak at RB, unless this is ppr then Duke Johnson can carry u on. If he wants Hill and Howard I would not do it.
  11. Thought the Saint's defense against the mediocre Packers, with the new guy Hundley, rainy conditions, etc. was a lock for a defensive feast. Left Jax's defense on the bench. 6-0 record is now 6-1 lol!
  12. Thanks for the input. I'm leaning Baltimore as well, I just hate the flukey nature of Thursday night games.
  13. I'd pick up Stafford if he's on waiver wire no doubt, keep Ryan and play the better matchup. The owners of Watson and Wentz probably won't trade him, and Carr is not a clear upgrade from Ryan.
  14. I have Willie Snead, starting to wonder if I should drop him for Ginn. That is the big question mark.
  15. Detroit has a tough matchup but their defense is actually good so I'd favor them over Cincy. I have Matt Bryant at kicker, who was an absolute beast last year. This year, not so much due to the crappy Falcon's offense. Time to drop him for someone else?
  16. My undefeated season was ended, can you hear the violins? I only dropped to first place but my team is starting to lose steam as the injuries continue.
  17. Coming up it feels like a toss up to me. The Saints at home vs. Bears OR Baltimore at home vs. Dolphins on Thursday Night.
  18. Hold. Fitz is still better than waiver wire leftovers, and we don't know yet the situation. They come back from bye to face the 49ers so that sounds like a promising matchup. Make no mistake though, Fitz's value has taken a big hit.
  19. LOL. That's what I was thinking at the moment.
  20. Which is more proof to the theory that you can afford to wait a few rounds before taking a QB. I picked Smith off waivers after Week 1, hoping that performance was a sign of a different Alex, payday.
  21. If you don't spend your money on WRs, what do you spend it on? One could argue RB's are an even bigger risk due to injury. Anyway, this definitely sucks with the Palmer loss for poor Fitz (still the man). It also is going to effect David Johnson owners who have been hoping he will come back. If the team is in the basement I doubt they let him play.
  22. Told y'all. He's had some bad games but the tape doesn't lie--- he still has it. More a problem of the Bills having no other weapons than Shady's fault.
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