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  1. Somehow without any fanfare he is the point leader in several of my leagues....
  2. He's the trusted WR, I view this an aberration for Cooper. Now everyone say Crabtree is going to suck next week in this thread so the opposite happens!
  3. My undefeated team is about to go down because of Amari Cooper and the crazy bonuses my league has on 40+ yard plays. He got 65 points alone! I had Crabtree, Kelce, and Hunt in the game, who all had ok outings but nothing spectacular. He also has Brady....well the bright side is the worst outcome is I drop to first place. If I win I will be so happy.
  4. well we went from one extreme to the other in one page on ol' T.Y. He's boom and bust like most receivers. With Brissett his floor is not good, unfortunately... At home I think he's still a good play.
  5. Who dat? I hope the Saints are for real this year. Brees deserves another Super Bowl win. I think the Saints D is going to be a great play vs Green Bay, who is injury riddled and with Hundley coming in.
  6. Damn! Spoke too soon...Brisset was running for his life most of the game...
  7. Yeah, never been a fan of Wilson in terms of fantasy and Ryan is not up to last years production, this guy is gonna just gonna weather his bye week with a streamer and get back on the Watson train
  8. Isn't Tate supposed to be out of action for awhile? If the Tate owner would go for it I would take that deal and run with it.
  9. In my PPR league he has the fifth highest point totals for WR's. Like I said before, for when you could draft him he has a huge value.
  10. Larry remains a great asset, especially at his ADP. Solid WR2 with WR1 upside.
  11. Wish Shady wasn't the whole offense, he does not look like he has regressed at all....really hoping the favorable schedule helps him bring it on home for ROS.
  12. I was really stressing I picked him so high with the the early dud performances but now he is on the same page with Jacoby and putting together and awesome season. My prediction for tonight: you can check into the TY Hilton, but you can never leave
  13. Been here before...this guy has always been good. BUT I hate playing the pats RB roulette Their ever-changing running game plan will drive you to tear your hair out in frustration. Next week Kevin Faulk could be the lead back.
  14. Wack game for the whole offense, they just couldn't get anything going till the very end. On to Oakland!
  15. 6-0 record now. I just hope I don't go undefeated and lose randomly in the playoffs
  16. The problem is that we have not seen Snead this year at all and we do not know how they will fit him in. If he truly is the no. 2 guy on the Saints high powered offense, I think his value is higher than Cooper's, who is actually a WR2 himself.
  17. I'm fine with it if he comes back week 12 in glory. More importantly he seems like a cool dude so hopefully he heals up and is good to go for next year worst case scenario.
  18. I have the same dilemma. Watson is the hot hand, but then I see that Brees puts up crazy numbers after a bye, especially at NO....It's a really tough call. My opponent has DeAndre Hopkins, so that makes me lean towards Watson, if he throws a touchdown to him at least my score goes up too...
  19. I listened to the "experts" again and benched him week 5 , ouch PS, the nail is in the coffin in the Crabtree vs. Cooper debate. King Crab hands down
  20. I'd try Baldwin for Doug Martin. Otherwise I'd stay put with what ya got
  21. Well, I'm happy with my options here. Do I go with Brees, who has a good matchup at home vs. the Lions? He seems the safer choice. I also have Willie Snead so I could make a stack with these two. or, Watson who has been on fire and plays the Browns? Watson seems riskier with more upside. WHIR
  22. I drafted Hunt in one league but not in another when I had the chance to get him, trying to play it safe since we had not seen what he could do in the real NFL games yet. Damn!
  23. i would have done it before, but now....Crabtree is limited by his injury and Carr being out for the near term
  24. At this point you don't trade Hunt unless its ridiculous offer
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