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  1. Kelce and Hunt delivered me the win. 4-0 baby!
  2. to top it off, now Carr is going to be out for several weeks, so Crabs value plummets.
  3. He reminds me for the 9000th time that I'd rather have a guy with good floor vs. ceiling
  4. not gonna drop him but for now he is strictly a bye-week filler. As others have said, the tissue paper Pats D eliminates his role, largely.
  5. It certainly seems possible given the guys and the matchup...... but this season has proven I know nothing about football
  6. PPR. Need 36 points from Kelce and Kareem Hunt.
  7. Lost my first round pick David Johnson. Was gimping along with RB help from Dalvin Cook. Ugh! Now I have jobbers only at RB This is a competitive 14 team standard league so there isn't crap on the waiver wire.
  8. Gripes: -My one team is super competitive points wise with the rest of the league but I keep losing by 5-7 points. (see point 2) -David Johnson is not back from IR yet -Got Willie Snead and Michael Crabtree and both might not play. Snead has the London game. I ain't waking up at 6am to check his status.
  9. It just had to be a London game too to make it a pain in the arse
  10. It's between him and Crabtree for me this weekend. I'm going with TY. The only reasoning behind this is the contrarian philosophy of everyone assumes this is a bad play so maybe he goes off instead
  11. Not a big fan of this trade...Hilton is a potential WR1 when/if Luck comes back and you're getting some questionable players. I can't rely on Gillisslee or Jones, neither has a good floor (judging by our limited sample of 3 weeks of football)
  12. This one is clear cut, you won that deal for sure. You got the best WR in the game. Brown and Evans alone is scary but toss in Hilton when and if Luck returns and you would have a dominating WR corps. You are great in RB too so you have to be a playoff favorite.
  13. Yeah I'm not sure if this is really a big improvement in what you are getting....the Giants offensive line and Eli worry me a bit still with OBJ
  14. Hi y'all Two leagues, want to start 3 WR's out of 4, so who do I leave out in the combos? #1 PPR : T.Y. Hilton, Crabtree, Larry Fitz, Willie Snead #2 Standard scoring: Brandin Cooks, Crabtree, Larry Fitz, Snead Bonus Round: Stafford (@Minneapolis) or Alex Smith (home game vs Skins) ?? Thank you
  15. Arizona most likely. The Browns have to win sometime and Bengals might just be it.
  16. I feel your pain, I just lost two games in a row by a handful of points, and my first round selection was David Johnson so yeah I'm always thinking if he was in that would be the little edge I need.
  17. Watching him play, the way the Chiefs are set up, and the schedule they have (only the two Bronco games scare me for RB production) I can't see a huge regression for this guy. I would not trade him for anyone straight up.
  18. That is some s---. Yeah that would drive me crazy too. But imagine if you were the guy that gave away those two for Johnson who promptly went on to IR
  19. After having to hear my opponent gloat all day about his assured victory (he has zero wins and I'm 1st place so far), Larry came through and got me the win!!! So so sweet. I then trolled the s--- outta the guy for counting his chickens before they hatched.
  20. I'm tempted to start him though it is risky not having seen what he can do this year.... But the game is against Miami, Brees is playing well, Snead ought to be out to prove he can ball after his suspension, etc.
  21. Love King Crab but wondering about this matchup. I just might bench him. You got lots of factors at play here : 1. Both teams lost week 3, Raiders looked particularly bad. 2. Denver at home = Defense 3. Crab got hurt/uncertain of his health status 4. Talib G-Snatched his chain last time and these games are always ugly between these two 5. Low production previously Logically, I would think this is a low scoring defensive slugfest. Since nothing happens in the NFL how you expect it to however, the game will be a huge shootout 38-35 Raiders
  22. He's still got it!! I would imagine the matchup in SF should be great for him as well?
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