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  1. You can come back from it. Long season. The NFL is off to a really weird beginning. Don't ever put your faith in Jay Cutler
  2. As someone who picked David Johnson for my first pick ........taking Brady sure seems like a brilliant move. And I'm one of those "Get a qb late" believers too.
  3. The joys of fantasy football. Last week he laid the wood and looked like WR1 material, this week one catch and gets hurt. None of that is his fault. The Raiders looked like the JV team, nobody showed up.
  4. It's your party, I just hate trying to pick tight ends, very difficult to do. Kelce is set and forget
  5. with your roster and scoring system, getting Kelce is a clear cut upgrade
  6. Can we see the rest of your team? I'd say Kelce for now
  7. need fitzgerald to score 35 in PPR not gonna happen.
  8. He's got to be rookie of the year. The guy just seems to fall forward for another 3 yards everytime he gets knocked down.
  9. Been too afraid to fire him up cuz of the QB stuff...he would have won the game for me this weekend So...after he blew up this week is he a must start now ? Next week in Seattle seems scary on paper?
  10. Benched Hilton this week and lost the game...they were playing the Browns, seems obvious now. Do you have to start this guy now?
  11. First two games I smoked everyone in the league by a wide margin so I felt like my team was pretty damn good. This week my entire team crapped the bed except Brees and Kareem Hunt. Sitting on my bench is T.Y. Hilton who would have won the game for me, I've been to scared to use him without Luck. I should have known to play him against the freakin BROWNS! Ugh. I could still win tho. Just need Larry Fitzgerald to have the game of his lifetime tonight.
  12. Tough decision. Higgins is still more of a mystery than Diggs, but Bradford being out would make me afraid to start him...I'd roll the dice with Higgins against a bad Colts team.
  13. Not really thrilled about these guys you mentioned except pick up Siemian. Thanks for the help on mine
  14. I should win my matchup, but I want to use a RB in the flex as my WR options for week 3 aren't as appealing. Who would you choose? Buck Allen, Mike Gillisslee, or Lamar Miller?
  15. It seems like everything needed is there for him to go off, it just hasn't happened yet. I need to see something out of him this weekend to feel better about him.
  16. The Broncos are a different team away from home, the two games we have to judge them by this season were both at home. Melvin Gordon put up good numbers vs Denver in the opener and I think Shady is better than him. Shady is such a big part of Buffalos offense you can't sit him. But yeah I'd love to see him get traded to a better team. There are a lot of teams that could use him. The Packers could really use him (make him the primary back and use Ty to spell him and play pass catching RB would be deadly) but Ted Thompson the zombie will never pay for him.
  17. need 31 points from stafford. im gonna lose
  18. In addition to the Saint's traditional s---y starts, I think that his numbers will increase as well when Willie Snead is back to draw attention from him.
  19. i dont see why not we have no idea when luck is coming back but it won't be for awhile
  20. Between him saying his injury could take 6-8 weeks, and then his line about fantasy , I will be surprised if he actually plays. Even if he does play, is he going to be fully back to good? Doubtful. How good is the Giants offense this year? We have no real clue, the Dallas came sure made it seem like Eli is the problem above and beyond. In other words if he is on your roster you have a real confusing problem on your hands.
  21. Not giving up on them but yeah Brandin Cooks and Fitz worry me. And Brandon Marshall. I gotta see something from him tonight.
  22. By no means did I mean Green is a bust, I'm just saying I think the trade is not as cut and dried as it might first appear.
  23. Axe, QB Stafford or Alex Smith. Leaning towards Stafford at this point Lost David Johnson so I need to run either Tevin Coleman or James White. I lean towards Coleman with this Green Bay game.
  24. I honestly don't know about this one. Crabtree is consistent, and that is very valuable to me. He's not going to blow up that often but you can count on him to get you about 15 points every week... AJG is the superior player obviously but the Bengals are a dumpster fire right now even with the changes coming....AJG is also always covered by the best Corner the other team has, while Cooper gets that role for the Raiders, leaving Crab more free. It's basically consistent high floor (on a very good team) vs. huge boom and bust (on a crap team)
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