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  1. They are leaning on Shady so heavily they ought to just give him the whole week off every game. He doesn't need it.
  2. I got Dalvin Cook, James White, Tevin Coleman. On the hunt for another RB but its 14 team league so pickings are slim. I think I have to hold on to DJ and hope he recovers quick and the Cards have won a game.
  3. We need Tom Brady to send him over those healing Pajamas he sells and a whole truckload of avocado shakes STAT!
  4. Jubes- with Fournette and Hyde and picking up Cook...you're good at RB I'd take it.
  5. how bad do the Cards have to be doing that they would not even tell him to suit up again? I mean, I know the guy is a competitor and will want to play but.... if i can survive and he comes back in November thats a lot of football left and assuming he balls out again that would be worth waiting for.
  6. This thing was always going to be a disaster. I think he's still got something left in the tank, in the right scenario. New Orleans trying to be a running team is a disaster. They only started to move the ball last night when they went to the air. Running back by committee + new orleans offense. Peterson should go to Arizona now or before the season started, Giants.
  7. I'm a big fan of Olsen but it seems like he hasn't delivered in the last few games of last season and the first of this year....is that on him, or Cam? BUT When he's on, hes a huge upgrade over Rudolph. You are pretty stacked at RB so I would seriously consider it. Most of the time you are going to be using Elliot and Ajayi anyway
  8. No. Giants did not look good and Marshall was nonexistent vs the Cowboys. What that a fluke? Is Eli done? How much of that was ODB's absence? We just don't know enough to decide yet.
  9. So yeah my first round selection is DJ, what to do now? 14 team standard scoring so there is not a lot out there to pickup. My other RBs are: Dalvin Cook (whew! at least I got one good rb) James White (nonexistant or balls out) Tevin Coleman (good but always in the shadow of Freeman) I'll try to pick up Cohen or Kerwynn but don't think the odds are good. I have last waiver priority. I think the rest of my team is pretty good, so I can limp on with what I got for awhile. Do I hope the Cards do not tank and DJ comes back just in time fo
  10. I paid the guy with the no.1 spot in my league to take over his spot, thinking I was going to recoup the extra money in my assured victory. All to get David Johnson.
  11. Brady will be just fine. Although I think Edelman is a bigger loss than some attribute. The guy has more much importance than his on-paper stats and performance show. For Pats fans I'd be far more worried about the D which can't seem to put any pressure up at all. They need to get Ninkovich out of retirement.
  12. bwarbiany - thank you! I went with your advice...holy crap Hunt looks good.
  13. Kind of a in similar bind for flex.... Would you start Kareem Hunt, Brandon Marshall, or T.Y. Hilton (Very concerned about Luck being out) in the flex?
  14. Tyrell for sure. Doctson is hurt and on a worse offense. Williams put up WR2 numbers
  15. I wouldn't get super upset about it...BUT I would definitely call him out and rip on him for being a two-faced bitch.
  16. Getting guys like Brady, Brees and Rodgers is usually worth it in the third round where the other available options are not as rewarding. I just hate when someone drafts one of them with their first pick and then it starts the quarterback pick stampede.
  17. I'd say Gordon is the safer pick. Ajayi still has too much mystery to him for me.
  18. They should just rename the Team : Buffalo Bills McCoy, cuz he's pretty much the entire team. As for Tyrod- Yes he has flaws but you could do much much worse
  19. But... Brady is teaching Gronk his famous diet. Those avocado shakes are going to make him impervious to any attacks!
  20. I'd prefer Thomas over Baldwin, but Baldwin is by no means a terrible receiver so its not a huge deal.
  21. No, you have a solid team, good receiving corps. If Doug Martin comes back and is good you will have a nice RB set as well. Might want to stream QBs with Palmer
  22. Your receiving corps is downright scary with Jordy, Green, and Thomas. You got a lot of depth at RB and cook and hunt might be tremendous. Yeah your team is strong as hell
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