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  1. No veto. Trade isn't that lopsided the only good player in the mix there is Godwin
  2. Entering the final phase... 10 team full point PPR with bonuses for 40+ yard gains. I'm weak at WR and can possibly afford to lose a RB. Another guy desperate for a RB is offering his Davante Adams for either Carson or Chubb. Carson has the tougher schedule ahead, but the better offense. He also is less likely to get vultured by Kareem Hunt. Still, overall I feel like Chubb would be the one to keep. Here is my roster: QB: Lamar Jackson/ Brees WRs: Hopkins, TY Hilton, Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller RB- Aaron Jones,Nick Chubb, Chris Carson, David Montgomery Te-
  3. I played Waller over Mark Andrews I played David Montgomery over Chris Carson (the logic for this made perfect sense before the game) LOL! Started the Indy defense. 😂 Thankfully it might not matter at all.
  4. Hits: Carson, Aaron Jones, Godwin, Chubb Wish I would have drafted the Pats D in every league, only got them in 2/4,so I'll take it. Misses- JuJu- maybe would have been great if Ben was still there. I missed hard on all QBS except Lamar Jackson, huge value pick. David Montgomery I was sure was gonna wreck havoc, missed on that. WR: I think everyone failed on this one since most of the top choices are not the current leaders in fantasy points.
  5. Hell to the Yes. You get an elite set and forget RB1, for three guys that you never know what you are gonna get.
  6. Gotta go against the grain, I don't like it. Carson has to this point far outperformed Bell, and he's on a great offense, which means he is always in the mix for goal line carries or throws. The Jets have potentially a great schedule, but there is also the potential that they really just aren't that good and Darnold doesn't get his act together. Schedule be damned.
  7. Are these really the best defensive options you can work with? Surely one a week to week basis you can stream. Both of these Defenses are severely hampered by lackluster offenses... Browns D this week because Flacco is out so youre getting a backup QB.
  8. You get a guy with big upside and give up two guys I would really hesitate over starting, so I would do it. You just are gonna have to pick when to play Odell.
  9. I think its good, though kind of pricey, but would be nice to see the rest of your team.
  10. I think its probably a good move for you. You got Carson as your RB1. Bell would be a more solid option than the others as your RB2. It also eliminates you have from having to play the Sony Michel guessing game of when he will get you 3 tds or 0 points. The Jets schedule is pretty favorable going forward. You have Waller, so you can probably afford to lose Andrews. In half PPR Waller is probably the better option there anyway.
  11. Cousins especially if Thielen and Mahomes plays. Then Carr
  12. Lamar Jackson @ home vs the Pats or Cousins @ KC ? I really don't relish the matchup Jackson has, no QB has performed well against that defense. Granted, they haven't exactly faced a great QB, but I'm not sure LJ is one either. On the other hand, his rushing yards always give a nice floor, so he probably won't be a total disaster play. Cousins- if Thielen is back, and Mahome is back, one would think that the Vikes will have to throw the ball a lot to keep up. I hate trusting this guy though. I'm leaning Cousins, what say you? wh
  13. Cut the AP and Singletary parts off the deal and I like it. Otherwise stay put.
  14. Mixon. You are stacked at RB, let someone else play whack a mole with Mixons numbers
  15. Its a great trade for you I think, looking at your team you will be stacked then!
  16. This is a tough call, are you expected to win the matchup? Lindsay if you need a safe floor or Davis for a riskier upside. I hate trusting Corey Davis though, for years its been a wheel of disappointment with him. Or maybe it was all Mariota. We don't know yet.
  17. For my flex spot: Honestly I hate the matchup Chubb has going on vs the Pats. You can't run the ball on them. I feel like the Browns will get clobbered. On the other hand, assuming teh Brownies can move the ball at all, he might be in line for goal line tds.... Ty Johnson has a much better matchup vs. the GMEN, but we don't know anything about how good he really is or what the workload is for him. Would I be crazy to run Johnson instead of the Chubbski? WHIR
  18. Can you trust the Cards reports though on who is playing ? Lol I'd go with Boyd if Edmonds is unavailable (though Edmonds has a tough matchup vs Saints run D)
  19. Really torn on this week 8 matchup for my flex spot. Full PPR There is Chubb who is great, but has a horrible matchup vs the Pats in Foxoboro. I imagine the Pats gameplan is going to be to stop Chubb and force Browns to win via the air. Juju, who has a good matchup against the Fins (although the Dolphins aren't as bad against WRs as one might think) problem with Juju is you never know what you're gonna get now with him. Scary Terry Mclaurin- at Minnesota, Thursday night game, Skins are a mess but he is a baller. This one is another dart throw. Wh
  20. Standard scoring. Mark Andrews at Pit or Kittle at home vs Brownies. I'm leaning Andrews because he's been consistently putting up good numbers, yet every ranking has Kittle higher. He hasn't done much lately.... torn what to do. My opponent is playing Jimmy G against me, so it might be sneaky to use Kittle WHIR
  21. David Montgomery? If you can hold on till Hill is back, this is a no-brainer. Monty at this point is not blowing the lid off and the situation in Chicago is not ideal.
  22. Man, some tough calls. Im debating Saints D (I see stats wise Jameis has never played lights out in NOLA, but they seem to be rolling now), Eagles (great matchup but their defense hasn't done s--- for fantasy purposes this year against some weak opponents), or Titans (i like this a lot IF Allen is out). My opponent has Jameis Winston at QB so the Saints would be the bold play...
  23. He is too good/has too much potential to just drop....and yet situation and performance equals he is not good enough to start. One of the things that makes ya hate fantasy football.
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