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  1. Two of my teams look great on paper just getting disappointing returns on several big names..Ugh! I almost wish I was just getting blown out and I had horrible drafts but I feel like my teams have huge potential if certain guys would play up to their ADP...
  2. I really believe(d?) in this dude but as we have examined the situation, it just sucks all around how they use him and the other lack of any passing threat, Nagy etc. etc. etc. I might hang on to him a little while longer, just to see what the story is without Mitchell- but otherwise I think I have to actually drop him.
  3. You know I might just roll with both these guys this one, one in the flex. Not feeling my other options...Two TE's sounds like a bad idea but maybe not with these two guys.
  4. This is a really tough call and I'm not sure its not just a lateral move....Still, I would probably make the move for the reasons you've stated.
  5. I have managed to pick the wrong guy at the TE spot almost every week. Full PPR. Waller @ Indy Andrews at home vs. the Brownies. I'm leaning Waller this week for some reason. Probably because I want to chase last weeks points.
  6. used the wrong term. Meant all the other receivers.
  7. He's got a cool name at least. Definitely going to monitor him but that backfield is so crowded unless you are in a super deep league can't see that I would roster him.
  8. Having owned DJ many times, I had to pass on him this year, just too many concerns. He definitely has upside though. It all depends if this Murray/Kingsbury offense works or not. So far the terrible line and bad blocking has me concerned Murray will be running for his life the entire season. In the end, nobody knows. They really need to use him creatively in space and involve him in the passing game. He's the ultimate hybrid back. Last year the way they used him drove me crazy. Hes not a pound the ball up the middle again and again guy.
  9. David Montgomery. I have drank the full cup of Kool-Aid. His college tape looks so good..he's gotta be the MAN this year right?!?!?!
  10. Yeah...we just bumped up the points you get for keeping the score low by quite a bit, so defenses matter and you definitely have to think about who you paly. Its about as good as you are going to get it aside from IDP leagues.
  11. Bomont said it best. I can only add there is plenty of time for Hunt to get suspended or something else bad, before he hits the field.
  12. You are crazy. Mahome-boi in round 12 is the answer. With your QB position filled that late you can build a monster team and not worry about QB at all.
  13. I think you broke down your own situation pretty well so at least you realize what is up. What rounds did you take Mahomes and Kelce? It might have sabotaged the rest of your team to get that combination. Obviously the RB position is a big weakness. I always try to avoid the Pats backfield because you never really know who is going to be the man for a given game. You will drive yourself nuts deciding between Michel and White on a given game. Thielen is good but I'm not sure you can rely on Golladay to be a rock solid WR2. So basically you are going to have to work tha
  14. They are supposed to be a great defense this year. First three games should be sweet with Giants, Skins, and Dolphins. I like all their matchups except Saints, Packers, Pats, Rams.
  15. Lol! 🤣 I'm sure somebody somewhere is touting him as this deep sleeper pick. Or not.
  16. I do have some concerns about hes gonna be when hes the focal point, but I think ultimately he will still ball out. He's got the skills. And most importantly he seems like a hard worker and good dude so he should just now be entering his prime skillz in his third year. Expectations and hype trains are fully loaded!
  17. If hes around in my deep 14 team league, I would take him as a fill in JAG. If he gets all the goal line work he could be a value at his ADP but lets not confuse him with Barry Sanders.
  18. It probably won't be who we expect as that happens often. Streaming is so viable, but I would like to get one of these: 1. Da Bears 2. Ravens 3. Pats 4. Cowboys/Chargers
  19. I think hes a huge steal at his ADP. Look at the other dudes being drafted around him. The reports are good. We all know he is pretty boom or bust but he would make a great flex play during your studs bye weeks or when you feel like rolling the dice.
  20. I like zero rb strat only for the first two rounds if you have a late round pick. After that, you gotta nab some of those 3rd round RB guys. With your settings, you might be okay but who was around when you got Woods? I would have rather had a decent floor guy at that point. But this could work if Murray has the same role as Ingram... Nobody knows
  21. What number pick do you have and how many teams are in the league?
  22. That Is a no then lol. Might want to watch Cousins though he can be a good fantasy QB!
  23. Pick one is the way to go I think for the reasons Idoolittle stated so well. 16 teams sounds brutal though mang!
  24. I feel you, but wasn't he pretty much the number one last year? Baldwin barely played IRRC.
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