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  1. Very solid, I LIKE IT. Get some help at RB though. What QBs are left? I would see if there is someone with more upside than Rivers.
  2. Depends on the rest of my roster... Lockett for safety, Boyd if you want to take a risk with more upside.
  3. Lamar. Those rushing yards are a cheat code. If he runs anywhere close to what he did last year, this time over an entire season, he will probably break the qb season rushing records. The team is well run, well coached, and they always have a good defense. I think the Cardinals are a bad team + Kyler Murray + Bad Line + Cliff "i couldn't win in college" kingsbury is going to be a disaster.
  4. Got him for cheap, hes going to play. He might not be up to full power for the first few weeks but you can play another QB. The upside and cheap cost makes him a great pick.
  5. I cannot take DJ in your position, been burned and I'm not sure this team is much better than last years. I have this sick feeling they are going to run him right up the gut again and hes going to do s---. If the Zeke situation is not resolved by your draft, I cannot draft him. Since its PPR, I'm hitting up either Davante Adams or Hopkins. And then on the way back either nab another WR or RB, going a little bit ZERO rb strat in the first two rounds. After that go RB crazy.
  6. Like all these threads, all we can do is speculate. We do not truly know anything, and all the expert opinions and coach speak counts for little.. Nobody knows yet, most likely even Nagy doesn't know yet what hes going to do in terms of splits/how effective DM will be in the big leagues. It depends on how it goes in the first few games. If DM balls out, and I think he will, that obviously means they are going to use him more and more. Thats the bet you gotta make., The choice is pretty simple when drafting this guy, you are taking a substantial chance, and betting on the huge upside he se
  7. That last news bit is going to send the hype-train into ludicrous speed! Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor reports the Bears are "in love" with rookie RB David Montgomery. Paylor believes Montgomery "will help this team immediately" with his receiving skills and his ability to break tackles. The Bears wouldn't have traded up for Montgomery if they didn't think he'd play right away, but it's worth noting who he'd be taking touches from. Tarik Cohen has proven to be a plus-pass catcher and Mike Davis was effective on a decent-sized workload last year. For Montgomer
  8. I was going for upside with Jackson and his rushing. Maybe I'm buying into the "revolutionary offense" stuff the Ravens have been spouting. Can still nab Jameis if need be. Anyway, I think Luck plays. Maybe not at full power to start but I like the initial schedule for LJ. Had no intention of my draft going the way it did but it went off the rails in a hurry...🤪
  9. Williams and Watson for me. Keenan Allen is already hurt. I like Kirk but I'm still concerned about the Cards being a terrible team with a college offense that might not work at all in the NFL
  10. I like it overall, but there are some risky propositions here so you gotta watch it a bit. qb- Wilson is solid but if they are super run heavy again this year, he might not have a lot of upside. He also always seems to start flat and doesn't start cooking till week 5. So you might want a backup with upside. Obviously with Elliott we know nothing, but you got Pollard at least so that is somewhat mitigated. Gurley- we have no clue yet how he is going to be used and what his health impact is, so that is somewhat scary. At WR, you don't have any of the elites in here so this is the
  11. I was saying after the top 3-4 Tight ends. As in I'd rather have the guys you just mentioned
  12. Ten team PPR. 6pt QB Tds. Yard bonuses at 100 and up etc. qb- Luck, Lamar Jackson WR- Hopkins, Juju SS, TY Hilton. Golden Tate, Christian Kirk, D, Jackson RB- Chubb, Aaron Jones, David Montgomery, Carson TE- Ebron K- Gostowski Def- Dallas Obviously stacked at WR. I think I did pretty good at RB, each one is pretty solid and Im hoping D Mont goes off Ended up going way more Colts heavy then I would like, but it looks like Luck isn't going to miss the entire season at least so I like Hilton as a flex play. Thoughts?
  13. My feeling is aside from the top 3-4, none of them are going to be players you can bank on to put up major points each week, so then its a total crapshoot. Whenever I go for one of them in mocks I don't like my team at the end. So unless one strangely falls to me in the third or fourth round I'm going with the random jobbers!
  14. K. Allen already starting things off hurt so I would fade him in favor of Kittle who is in the the elite three TE's.
  15. I like it for a 12 teamer, you don't have any glaring weaknesses so with good management you should be in the hunt for the ship. Aside from Corey Davis. I'm done with him. Until the Titans put in Tannehill at least. 🥶
  16. Good team overall, with the right management you should make playoffs. Strong at running back, especially if AJ has the season we are hoping for. Keep looking for another upside guy WR- Hill is great but can be very streaky, where Edelman (id like this pick better if it was full PPR) has a good floor, so thats a pretty good combo. I would be on the hunt for another guy with upside Do you play a flex spot? TE- obviously as good as it gets K- can't go wrong Dst- Good but play matchups
  17. I like having Defenses in my leagues. We have bumped the points they can get especially by delivering low scores, so they actually matter now in my leagues. There is something very satisfying about picking up some unheralded D sitting in the waiver dumpster and winning your matchup because of it.
  18. All I'm saying is unless I can nab a great value, I'm looking at the spot as a total flier and I'm concentrating on getting more options at WR and RB.
  19. Fair enough, but weird things happen in drafts, there is a chance. Theres always that one guy that goes super contrarian and messes up all the projected ADP rankings, at least imho.
  20. This year I kind of view the TE spot as a real trap game. There are not enough good ones to go around and the position is so unpredictable... Its unlikely worth the cost to get one of the top TE's....unless its Kelce or mayyyyybee Kittle. Otherwise I'm going to hope I can nab one of these late Henry/Howard/Engram/Ebron/Cook
  21. Fair enough in that circumstance. But In my leagues the only people that get paid are 1,2,3 place so in that case I think its a douche move for the bottom guys to pick up anyone.
  22. Anyone that makes a waiver claim now and is out of the playoffs needs to be kicked out of your league, that just ain't cool.
  23. Lol! No Sir, that would be something to see...
  24. I gotta agree with Coach on that one. Mack is good but Lawrence Taylor is another level.
  25. I'm rolling with Colts over the Chargers. The QB situation ought to be a disaster. I got the Bears D but I do not feel good about playing them against the Pats.
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