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  1. I gotta go with CAR there. Arizona can't be trusted and their offense is a disaster, leaving the defense on the field too much .SF did decent against the Chargers.
  2. My opponent has Goff, Thielen and Gurley. I'm not sure my entire team will be able to match their scores. So yeah... I can pretty much relax and just watch the games now this weekend!
  3. I have a difficult choice to make Bears D at home vs Bucs OR La Rams D at home vs. Vikings?
  4. I got the third most points in the league of 14 teams and I've lost three games in a row. Doesn't seem possible but it's happening.
  5. My teams are a flaming disaster of injuries, failed expectations and hype etc, and everytime I assume something is going to happen the total opposite does. The NFL is being extremely unpredictable in the first three weeks!
  6. In my 14 team standard points league with 6point TDs.... I HATE how its all about the QB choice. If you pick the wrong QB or don't have a stud, good luck, you are done. You have to pray your guy gets in a shoot out or you have no chance.
  7. I was sure the Redskins vs Colts game would be a high scoring shootout.......went all in on Smith in two leagues. I got cute, and way over-thought several situations when I just should have gone by projections and rankings. Damn it! I lost by 1 point in one league. I hate fantasy football!
  8. Totally agree. The league size is another factor. In my 14 team league, there ain't nothing good on waivers, so yeah I've got two good defenses that I'm going to rotate depending on matchup. That to me is more useful bench space than hoping Jacquizz Rodgers turns into Gurley.
  9. My options are Chargers D vs Buffalo or Houston D vs. Titans... What say you?
  10. For my roster: 3 guys will go on IR 2 will be huge busts 1 will go to jail
  11. I hope some years down the line Brady or Belichick writes a book about all this behind the scenes stuff, but knowing these two it will never happen. Brady's recent interview is more proof of that. He has trained himself to say absolutely nothing controversial or revealing, no sound bites whatsoever. I love TB but his interviews are so boring. That latest interview told us absolutely nothing about what is going on there. And Belichick did the same thing, with his press interview, claiming he didn't even read the article. These guys keep things air-tight and in house, which is how yo
  12. The worst part of my fantasy season was talking to one of my friends in the league in week 2, and he's like, "I need another RB, what do you think of that Kamara guy, he's just sitting on waivers? " and I tell him, "he looks decent but I'm not sure how much an impact he's gonna have". And then the rest of the season happened. Ouch. I think no matter what outcome Brees is not going to hang it up now. Especially when the Saints finally have an excellent all-around team. Brees should be able to perform at a high level for another 2-3 years, and with this lineup, including Kamara, why
  13. This. They won impressively early on in the season, then they hit that losing slump when they weren't giving Hunt the ball. Then they remembered he is still on the team and started to win again in impressive fashion. Then they forgot about it again for the playoffs....wtf? Feed your stud RB and that helps you control the clock. It also helps your B+ QB have a good day, which in turn makes Hill and Kelce more effective.
  14. Got smoked by Gurley, in our league we have all these bonus points, so he personally shut me down. And I have Crabtree with a big zero. Also had Jimmy G and was too afraid to use him over Drew Brees. And I just knew he was somehow going to make it happen, but didn't go with him. doh! Fun times. Congrats to those that won and on to 2018 season!
  15. Yeah I have Crabtree on my team netting me zero points and I went up against Todd Gurley. The rest of my crew had solid games but it wasn't enough. Also had the Jags D and Baltimore D, was torn about which one to play- oops they both SUCKED this week.
  16. I was the guy that needed 5 points from him to win. Lol!
  17. Played ravens d instead of jags.... Seemed like a great matchup....
  18. I'd say both, who else do you have and what are you using?
  19. I don't know if I have a good opinion but this is a really tough call... Jones did just ok last time the Falcons Saints played. Matt Ryan has been playing at a C+ level lately, and Lattimore is going to be glued to Jones the whole game. This might be one of those exceptions to the start your studs mantra. So,I would roll with Juju, especially if it is PPR, but I take no responsibility if this costs you the Championship !
  20. That will be a close matchup. I'd hate to lose to a team called the Jizz Squad though.
  21. Deciding who to play at the two WR spots and flex spots amongst : Larry Fitz, Robert Woods, Crabtree, Josh Gordon, Greg Olsen, Marquise Goodwin. Also have to choose between Baltimore and Jags D. I'm rolling with Fitz, Woods, Olsen, and Baltimore. We shall see.
  22. That would be a bold move indeed...misgivings about McCoy aside, not sure I could do that.
  23. Baldwin, Sheperd. Volume is king http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689394-championship-help-whir/
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