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  1. I lost by one point. Had Brandin Cooks going, end of the game was agonizing, I was actually happy with how many shots they had at the endzone from further away, i didnt want a RB to nab the td. And it didn't happen. s---.
  2. I would roll with Rodgers but Smith is not a bad option, I would imagine the Chargers game would be a shoot out. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688245-help-set-my-lineup-week-15-whir/
  3. Well those stats makes your decision harder! lol
  4. I would say Goodwin. He has been very solid with Jimmy G at QB, and they should have a nice matchup vs. Titans. Robby Anderson with Bryce Petty at the Saints is too risky for me. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688245-help-set-my-lineup-week-15-whir/
  5. Only thing is I'm not sure I like Gordons matchup with Baltimore, but I do like what I'm seeing from Goodwin...
  6. Probably Juju as Bill is going to try and shut down Brown completely. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688245-help-set-my-lineup-week-15-whir/
  7. Burkhead, Dez Bryant. Flex Nelson if Rodgers plays, otherwise Funchess.
  8. This tough, but I'd have to go with Engram, because Bryce Petty at QB would scare me. They play the saints in New Orleans, and I imagine most of the time Lattimore is going to cover Robby. New York against the Eagles doesn't sound good either, but what will the Eagles be like minus Wentz?
  9. I'm playing a team that has been on fire lately so I have to get this right. I feel like I have assembled a super team I just need to make the right plays! 1PT PPR, 6PT QB TDS QB: ? WR1- Larry Fitzgerald WR2- ? RB1 -LeSean McCoy RB2 -Kareem Hunt TE- Kelce Flex w/r/t ? Defense: Baltimore Kicker- Zuerlein options- QB- Drew Brees or Rodgers. Really torn on this one. Do I go with Rodgers if he plays? (Total mystery, but a must win game for the Pack) Or Brees, who plays the 9th string QB of the Jets? Brees has been not doing it
  10. Can't believe Rodgers and Wilson are still on the wire. I'd go with Wilson, that game will probably be a battle and Wilson has been lights out.
  11. The Football Gods are cruel indeed. I'd roll with Bortles http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688162-rodgers-or-brees-week-15-whir/
  12. To the OP, in your case I'd definitely have more faith in Rodgers than Mariota at this point, and roll with him.
  13. This choice is gonna make or break me. Do we go with Brees at home, who has not been great fantasy-wise, versus the banged up Jets with a backup QB now that McCown is out? IF Kamara plays, that probably downgrades him. There is also the concern that this becomes a blow-out and the Saints go conservative and just run the ball a lot. Rodgers- Fresh from injury, no idea how he will play, IF he will play. Going against the good Panthers defense on the road. What do y'all think? Thank you and WHIR!
  14. Had the bye this week but damn. Let's hope the Chiefs realized this simple equation: Give Hunt lots of carries = win. Give him the damn ball, run some routes that aren't straight up the middle, get him in the short passing game, and it opens up the long passing game for Tyreek and Kelce, it is that simple. C'MON MAN!
  15. Shady stepped up once again. This guy is only limited by the s---y team he is on.
  16. It is a must-win game for the Packers, so if they are smart they will do everything they can to shut Gordon down. Which knowing them, they will fail to do so. I also think Crabtree would be a great play. For me its between those two guys.
  17. Gotta roll with him tonight because my only other option is Aaron Jones and have no idea what role he will play. Need a TD or 2 Tevin!
  18. ToO_Bad, Agreed, he needs more volume. Let's hope he has a renaissance just in time for playoffs...at some point the obvious has to sink in.
  19. I have no clue how the Steelers/Baltimore matchup is going to go...if I had to guess I'd say its a low scoring grinder, so I want to stay away from that and I'd go Chargers.
  20. I just don't understand why what is obvious to any Armchair General is escaping a professional football coach. When you ran Hunt all the time and got him involved in the short passing game, it complimented everything else, helped out Alex, and you were winning....Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Hunt all involved = money Doesn't seem possible given the physical skills we saw from Hunt that he regressed so much.
  21. How about Chargers D at home vs. Washington or Detroit D on the road vs. Tampa?
  22. Goff...it should be a high scoring game, for the Rams this would be a huge statement win and the Eagles want to rebound after losing to the Seahawks. I believe in Jimmy G but you can't trust him yet.
  23. Before he went down AJ seemed to be the lead back but with his injury Jamaal might have taken the job. I'd be hesitant to start AJ but not Williams right not.
  24. It takes a long to set up your roster for 34 different playoff teams man!
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