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  1. Yea, how the Eagles managed to con the Colts into thinking Wentz has any positive value, let alone a first and third round pick, is beyond me. Wentz on the contract he’s on is a net negative, the Eagles should have been the one’s paying up to get Wentz off the books.
  2. I know exactly what it means. Valuable - extremely useful or important/a thing that is of great worth. Wentz was not particularly useful, important, or of great worth to the Super Bowl winning Eagles. They didn’t need him. We know this because that is what happened. Wentz is a bad QB and no team should want him as their starter.
  3. I mean, I don’t disagree that he likely would have won the MVP if he didn’t get hurt. It clearly would have been a mistake though given that we now know the team really didn’t even need him at all that year. Based on how things turned out, he clearly wasn’t valuable at all to the team. They won the damn Super Bowl without him. You can’t be the “most valuable player” in the league if your team doesn’t skip a beat without you. He clearly, demonstrably, was not particularly valuable to the success of the 2017 Super Bowl winning Eagles. That’s just a fact.
  4. Yea he had some nice numbers in that 13 game stretch, but based on the fact that his team was so great that year that they won the SB with a backup, and the rest of Wentz’s body of work, it’s clear that those 13 games were just a product of being surrounded by an incredibly great supporting cast.
  5. The fact that Wentz’s team won the SB with his backup in 2017 shows that he was not even close to playing at an MVP level. He clearly wasn’t particularly valuable at all to the team that season. Trubisky amd Wentz are about equal. I’d give the edge to Trubisky though due to his mobility.
  6. Mack’s career is over. He tore his achilles, he is done.
  7. Love and Dillon are difference makers and impact players. When Rodgers and Jones leave, Love and Dillon will be able to step right in and continue the Packers’ 30 year run of success. There’s a reason why they’ve never had to rebuild and have only missed the playoffs a handful of times in the past 30 years.
  8. The picks make perfect sense. If you need fresh 21 year old rookies to come in and save your team you’ve already failed. The draft is where you build for the future, not plug immediate needs.
  9. He had 3 additional receptions negated by penalties.
  10. His QB play is god awful. He is a stud WR1.
  11. There is zero chance Akers is not a workhorse this week and going forward. Henderson cannot run outside zone, Akers can. Outside zone is what establishes the entire McVay offense. McVay needs Akers to be the workhorse to run the type of offense he wants to, so that is what he will be.
  12. He was really breaking out. The connection with Tua is strong.
  13. Yea he’s done for the year probably.
  14. There’s no chance they go back to an RBBC. Henderson and Brown cannot run the outside zone with the vision, patience, and burst that Akers can. Without the outside zone, all of the counters, play-action bootlegs, and screens that the entire McVay offense is built upon are non-functional. Henderson is a straight-line, one speed, full steam ahead rusher and Henderson is a JAG. They will ride pine.
  15. His practice pattern was the reason why I started him. He had 22 touches last week, then missed Monday’s practice with a “shoulder injury.” Then he was limited, then he was full. That’s stud treatment and a break from the season long practice pattern for any RB on the team. Going forward he is a must start RB1.
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