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  1. its pretty dead here.. is anybody trusting him? apart from the atrocious last game he was pretty consistent and now its against eagles secondary
  2. Ok i have to ask: does it really matter whether Ingram plays or not? I mean I was watching the game last week and Edwards got all of the goaline carries after fumbling. Basically you re relying on big plays (not that he's not talented to have such plays, but you re rolling the dice). I don't think hes startable unless you have a serious issue at rb, in which case you don't really have a choice regardless of whether Ingram is back or not. I really want Dobbins to happen this year but BAL is a committee right now
  3. steelers have lost games like these these past years, i agree its a trap game
  4. i got baited by the last game, he looked so electric and since ingram was out i decided to roll with him. is it gonna happen this year? i think not unless edwards get injured as well
  5. Should have taken the money. I'm curious to see how another qb performs in this elite offense Dalton is no scrub.
  6. it always amazes me how easily people forget that he's the best qb in the league. sadly GB for some reason is not interested in superbowls
  7. You may value your bench sports more than I do but I might as well keep him because if I drop him now and he get the gig in week 8-10 I will feel like an idiot. Worst case scenario he does nothing and I lose a roster spot. Best case I have a rb as talented as he is in the best run offense in the league.
  8. have you guys seen that fumble? it was a 4th down and he didnt exactly have a lot of options there he had to extend his arms
  9. I'm really, really concerned about the situation. He doesnt get targets, Carolina is winning and if I were them I'd be in no rush to get Newton back. At this point I don't know if he's worth a flex spot. Right now it's a low floor-low ceiling.
  10. No point in discussing why arians is sticking with barber, it is what it is and its not like rojo got 2 carries, he got one more than barber. The important thing here is that rojo has looked good so far, he's taking advantage of his carries and he's worth a bench spot for sure. I cant start him yet but if he performs next week as well then we might have something really good there. I really believe in this kid, I think the talent is there and it looks like hes getting it together.
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