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  1. Exact same situation. Hunter hopefully back for playoffs.
  2. He is on the wire, off waivers tonight. Legit thinking of using my first waiver claim am I crazy? Will get plenty of opportunity with KAT back healthy, plenty of minutes...assists, steals and 3's sprinkled in.
  3. He's out. Health and Safety protocols and has the IL tag...think its time to drop.
  4. Coach Kenny Atkinson said the Nets don't believe Kyrie Irving (right shoulder) can play through his injury right now. Advice: "The shoulder is just sensitive, especially for a point guard," Atkinson said. The coach added that the Nets are not being overcautious, but they want to take the long-term approach on their star PG. This likely means Irving is going to miss additional time, and Atkinson added that he "sincerely doubts" Irving can even practice tomorrow.
  5. Agree with all of this. He just hasnt looked the same at all. I drafted him 5th in a 12 team. Currently have Middleton and Hayward on the IL only 1 spot, so dropping him for me was hard but necessary. The guys on the wire can produce and give me the man games I need until my injuries get resolved.
  6. Elfrid payton has been ruled out for Wednesdays game against the Magic. https://twitter.com/NY_KnicksPR
  7. Yes I keep telling myself this...it has to get better.
  8. I have both these guys..very frustrating. Tomas for sure droppable Otto you just have to deal with it,
  9. This guy is killing me...more TO's than assists?
  10. Agreed, underwhelming to say the least. Granted Z-Bo is still playing for some reason and affecting his stats, but the game before with Z-Bo on the bench he only had 4 in 31 min. Only have him because of the 5 games this week, after that its drop city.
  11. This will be his coming out party hopefully. Been patiently holding this guy all season, 2 more weeks till my playoffs, this would be perfect!
  12. Agreed. 75% of his boards are him just standing around and they come to him. Not aggressively seeking rebounds, not aggressively blocking shots. Don't get me started on his effort for setting picks, almost laughable. Jogs back on defense, fumbles the ball when he gets it, misses 1 foot layups more often than not. Just an overall lazy player; from a basketball standpoint I can understand Spo not wanting him in the fourth, however as a fantasy owner this is frustrating.
  13. Definitely worth the pickup imo, but all depends on who you cut loose, build etc.
  14. I did drop Lee for him. Lee's role likely to diminish as they tank, play the younger guys. As a Raptors fan i watch Steady Freddy all the time. His role/stats should remain pretty much the same.
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