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  1. James Proche. I really wish the Ravens wouldnt have drafted him. He catches everything and anything thrown his way.
  2. Honestly we need more information. What are the players on both teams? Full PPR, 1/2 PPR, or no PPR? Are there consequences for last place? Everyone is saying veto veto veto, neither Mike Evans and Josh Jacobs are exactly lighting the world on fire at the moment. Lamar is not on Lamar pace as of last year. Trade is probably collusion, but this is a hard one to veto. And on that as a commissioner you should get rid of the veto power, hold for 24 hours and make a discussion about it. Honestly people get hung up on name value vs actual stats for the year.
  3. The NFL should have extended the season by 3 weeks. Cancelled all scheduled byes and made every 4 games an automatic bye for every team. This way all games could have been made up during those weeks in situations like this. They are already playing 17 weeks, adding 3 weeks for make up games wouldnt have hurt. Then in the playoffs bubble up
  4. I am going to hold the draft as normal, as of now. However I will bring it up at the draft and have the league decide which direction we want to go if for some reason season is cancelled. I will also be adding an extra IR and bench spot this year. We do play IDP, so those IR spots can fill up quickly.
  5. Brandon Aiyuk has entered the room, not Bourne IMO
  6. Vikings? Theyve been searching for a third WR
  7. I would take that. You are getting the 2 best players out of the deal in Stras and Kluber. Especially if you weren't planning on keeping Quintana and Holland
  8. He very well could have. But why doesn't Ben just QB sneak it there? He needed a foot
  9. Man this is tough, QB-Keenum, Big Ben RB-Dion Lewis, Kamara WR-Jones, Funchess TE-Kelce Flex-Gurley K- Elliot, Succop D-Bills, Jaguars
  10. Dynasty. Before the season started. Inherited a team. Twins fan. I traded Aaron judge and Jesse winkler for Jose berrios and Lucas Giolito.
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