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  1. I like the assist and steals, which is exactly what I'm hunting for. Currently deciding between him, Bridges, or Grant, but I haven't seen a Charlotte game in months. Anybody that's been tuning in have any insight?
  2. First Week of Playoffs TOTALS: 24pts. 3 assist. 2 rebounds. 0 3pts
  3. Just curious if this mother****** plans on playing this week or not... WTF is this?!
  4. They had no shot of being busts. Wall still hasn't completely developed a full game, tbh. And Beal has developed each offseason with Drew Hanlen. Man I'm in the same boat! Good thing they have two days off to familiarize him with their sets - by then hopefully we get a good look on how Casey plays to use him vs Knight. Another positive is we have the B2B later this week to help make a decision.
  5. Playoffs start tomorrow and I think I may have to cut bait. Need another streaming spot and he's too iffy. I just wish I could see him out there with Steph.. I feel like he'll play forreal if Steph is back in the rotation.
  6. Haven't been watching him or any Raptor's players/games..... when are the reinforcements coming? Will he be safe to stream today?
  7. Fixed! Went from down 5-2-2 to 4-4-1 against the team I'm tied 1st with. Houston, we have a Lord! 🚀
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