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  1. Shady could end up having another great season and it wouldn't shock anyone, but for fantasy purposes I doubt that I would be willing to draft him in the first round of redraft leagues because of the risk factor involved. Not only is he 29 years old, he also has been hit by several niggling injuries over the past few years that don't seem to go away for whatever reason.
  2. Actually it's cause of how New England runs their offense. They've never been one to throw the ball 200 times per game. I'm not tryna be mean here but there was a noticeable difference in the two teams if you were watching football then. New England used to, and still does hand it off to their running backs quite often in red zone opportunities.
  3. You guys are wasting your time. Even if Brady spends the next 5 years going 19-0 there's gonna be people saying that Brock Osweiller could have done the it too and that Peyton Manning would have led the same team to a win over the Monstars from Space Jam and then vanquished Voldemort.
  4. I just hope he wins a super bowl and SBMVP so we never have to hear about this debate ever again.
  5. So DJ's injury (if it really is a tear) elevates LeVeon to the concencus number 1 pick I guess?
  6. I'm not starting him, scared of the weather. I think most of the work will go to LeVeon.
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