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  1. He was my keeper in 16 teams league. Now I am sure that I will drop him. I have Irving and struggling Myles Turner, so I need to drop him to make playoffs. I hate to drop keeper, but simply it's hard to wait 6 more weeks. Also I already have secured keepers for next season (Irving, Hayward, Isaac, Beal), so I don't need to wait Otto anymore. 

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  2. 16 teams, keeper league, H2H, 9cat

    One guy is sure that Dejounte will become great player and since this season started he wants him. Now I got offer to trade Russel and Dejounte for his VanVleet. Who wins in this trade?

    I like Vanvleet a lot, my team is already strong in assists, steals, ft% and 3pts. Do you guys think that Vanvleet will be top 40 guy in the end of this season? I would like to offload Russel because I am afraid that he will be shutdown after some possible injury in February. 

  3. 14 teams, H2H, 9cat, Redraft league

    I am thinking about trading mine Adebayo and Paschall for Porzingis. After few injuries I have to change some things of my team. I have always problems in rebounds, so I am thinking about giving rebounds and to get plus in 3 points made. 


    Is this trade ok for me? Do you guys expect from Porzingis to be again top 25 player?

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