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  1. Yeah, I accepted that. I expect from my team to be huge this season with: Beal, Irving, Turner, DLo, Hayward.
  2. H2H, 9cat, 16 teams, Keeper league Guy is offering me injured Gordon Hayward for Brook Lopez. I think that I am close to accept it. What you guys think?
  3. 16 teams, H2H, Keeper league Guy offered me Hayward for mine Dejounte? Should I take it?
  4. I am so high on this guy, but is he sell high guy?
  5. I would give Conley for Hayward. That looks like great deal for you.
  6. Drop Herro and add Barton. Situation in Miami is complicated on these PG and SG spots, so Herro will likely have less minutes from now.
  7. I would wait Collins for sure. If you are good you will be able to get into playoff and that will give you huge boost.
  8. H2H, 16 teams, 9cat Guy is offering me Russell for mine OG. What you guys think about that? Will OG be able to hold top 50 value for example?
  9. Booker easily. I guess that this guy will be even better now with Rubio next to him.
  10. I have problems with Fizdale. I am not 100% sure that he will give 30+ minutes per night for Robinson. I would still take Porzingis.
  11. H2H, 16 teams, Keeper league Guy is offering me Thompson and Irving for mine Tatum and Markkanen. I think that this deal is solid and that I should take it.
  12. I would take Bridges in keeper league. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/766995-tatum-markkanen-for-jrue-holiday/
  13. H2H, 16 teams, Keeper league Guy is offering to me Jrue Holiday for Tatum and Markkanen. What you guys think about this trade?
  14. That is too low for Marc. I know that he will be shutdown, but you have go find some other trade combination
  15. I like that because it is 30-team dynasty league. Good depth you will get
  16. 16 teams, H2H, keeper league (Myles Turner, Otto Porter, Tatum and George are my keepers). I am heading into playoff and guy offered me Beal and Markannen for George. Should I accept this one? I mean trade is solid and fair in my opinion. I tend to accept because Beal will have everything in his hands after this injury of Wall. Also Markannen is young and talented. I could give 2 for 1 (Markannen and Porter for example) during summer to get another strong player.
  17. I have him in 2 of my league and in both league I wait him to come back to place Taurean Prince and Valanciunis in that IR spots. I am really frustrated, I expected from him to play this week.
  18. f***in' Memphis still didn't trade Evans. f---.
  19. H2H, Keeper league, 16 teams. Guy just offered me Thomas, KCP and Randolph for Jimmy. What you would do?
  20. Hello, I play H2H league, and I am playing for a few years, but right now I have one strange question. My league is set to maximum 4 centers to be allowed in a team. So, I wonder is it there counted players just with C mark, or also players with PF,C mark? I already have WCS, Jokic, Kanter and Valanciunas, so I really wonder can I add another, because Jokic is PF,C on ESPN.
  21. 14 teams, H2H I own Tyreke, and he is playing great in this season, but I am afraid that he will get injured. So, I have feeling that right now is right time to try to trade him. My question is what to aim in a trade? Top 50 player? What seems realistic for you guys. I was thinking to try to get Gary Harris or someone like that.
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