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  1. I'm flexing him this weekend and feeling really good about it. Arians comments about him having 20 touches going forward cemented it even more for me. He has flip flopped on what he has said in the past but I don't think he is THAT stubborn after coming out of the bye with multiple weeks of Ronald showing he can run laps around Fournette. RB1 outing week 14 in the playoffs? I think so.
  2. Same. This new "sitting out with a fake injury" thing players are doing is disgusting. Of course he is on my fantasy team so I'm extra salty but what a selfish act. He's been gifted enough to be a tremendous football player and fortunate enough to play in the NFL but leaves his teammates hanging. Yes, Matt Patricia was a garbage coach. Yes, the Lions organization is a dumpster fire. But you signed the contract, homie. Man up. I wish I could stay home and still collect checks because I didn't like my bosses.
  3. I didn’t like seeing Pollard as much as I did on the field, but at the end of the day, Zeke still did have 22 touches. When they were on the 1 yard line, it was Zeke who got three straight rushes (unfortunately he couldn’t punch it in) I have to assume he’s good for a touchdown next week. At least that’s what I hope.
  4. Better than I expected vs. Baltimore but still meh. I guess I’m going to be forced to play him against Cincy next week in the playoffs. Bengals are having their own troubles with injuries and moving the ball. Dalton revenge game also. I just hope it’s not a trap.
  5. He had a 75 yarder in week two against Detroit
  6. Please oh God don't tell me this is another Kenny Golladay, AJ Green, Jalen Ramsey "I'm hurt" injuries. You know...the injury where they hate their coach and organization and want a new contract.
  7. Do you think he goes off in a divisional game against Indy this weekend? With Fuller suspended and Cooks running routes all over the field this season, its safe to assume that his target share will go up right? (it dipped the last two weeks with only 5 targets in each game) My only concern is that Cooks has never been a true alpha #1 in any offense he's played. He's also not the most physically imposing WR in the game being only 5'10" Obviously I'm stoked to have him as a flex option, just very curiously optimistic of what's to come.
  8. Great AJ Green impersonation from last year. Well done, Kenny 👏🏽 You bum
  9. I really hope he comes back this week. I would feel a lot more confident about playing him in the playoffs if I get to see him in action a week prior.
  10. Such a ridiculous play lol. This guy wasn’t a 2nd string or even 3rd string. He was a QB at Wake Forrest called up from the practice squad for crying out loud. This is the NFL, not your local turkey bowl where anyone can show up and play QB. Against the Saints to top it off 😂
  11. Too bad you weren't an AJ Green owner last year. I've seen and experienced it in back to back years.
  12. The overall WR rankings for this week are kinda down on him but I’ve seen him listed as must starts on Sports illustrated and CBS. Aside from the windy mess last week, he has been solid. Watson looks his way often.
  13. I'm assuming he has been practicing in full these last two days? I haven't seen "limited" anywhere on the blurbs. It puts me a little bit more at ease seeing "looked good to me." at the end of the Tweet. If he's active, I'm 100% starting.
  14. Zeke owner and trying to be optimistic but I still don't have a good feeling about this coming out of the bye. I'm hoping he comes back motivated and the Cowboys resemble somewhat of a football team.
  15. How do we feel about him this week? A must play? There is no question that he is the RB1 of the team and will get the lions share of the carries but they play a very stout Rams defense. It seems like they keep getting better and better each week.
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