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  1. I hope past 6 days were enough to heal up for my playoff week, they said it was day to day.
  2. he is v.good, but not top 5 good... back to fantasy: Is Oneil a pickup here in deeper leagues?
  3. my playoff starts next week, get it out of system 🙏
  4. he was out for a few weeks too... I think he is on a limt, but that can/should be lifted soon. they need him now even more.
  5. I have Morris in deep league, he is playing just 20min per game at the moment, but he is also coming back and is add now to see how will it pan out (if your playoffs start next week).
  6. Bev is out, Rondo is old... fantasy playoffs about to start, worth a spot?
  7. never ever drop this guy, even if it's hard!
  8. worst timing, hope he comes back in a week or two max
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