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  1. [...] I am unsure who will be the guy next week which makes for a fantasy nightmare in the championship week for many owners.
  2. ESPN reporter indicating that Ahmed will "lead Miami's backfield Sunday." Unsure of his accuracy as a reporter.
  3. I did not watch, so anyone feel free to correct me, but I did read that they run some trick plays with him back there and it was due to Washington being a plodder basically.
  4. I think I am starting with all other options unable to go. This is a guy that as a junior in college ran the ball 185 times, threw 75 passes and caught 30 passes. Clearly a weapon that can make things happen and trick plays are not out of the question. Need a huge game and praying he delivers.
  5. Do we think he is utilized very heavily this week? Does Mack Hollins get Gilmore as the "more established option?" How does Ahmed's return impact Bowden out of the backfield as well. Do we think Ahmed dominates backfield touches keeping Bowden in the slot/outside all game? Washington could not get anything going in his starts.
  6. CEH. Dominated touches last week. Could be a shootout
  7. Bowden easily in this one. Mooney could get 1 target
  8. I have seen so much negativity towards CEH lately, and some of it is warranted. That being said, he is clearly the #1 RB for a prolific offense. Bell is not anything to worry about and neither is Williams. Realistically, it is fair to expect him to settle in around 14-17 touches a game which includes 3 or so catches. That is an RB2 for me, especially in this backfield. He has looked really good for the most part and will continue to be the most involved RB moving forward. Andy Reid history leads to believe that will not be 8-9 touches a game. Am I glad I spent the #5 pick on him? No. Is he sti
  9. Was dropped in one of my leagues. Considering grabbing him. What tier do you guys view him in? I am tired of rostering the "who knows" tight ends that are complete dart throws. Is there faith in this guy moving forward?
  10. Any news here? I am considering grabbing Kittle off waivers. Has there been any news of him coming back? I have seen a 2 week timeline and an 8 week timeline so this one is all over the place. Is he sitting in waivers in your leagues?
  11. Hey guys. Everyone keeps mentioning Gibson's ability as a WR--which is great and all, but he is a RB now. Maybe McKissic is in because Gibson is not a good blocker in the backfield? I think the coaching staff is aware that he can catch the ball, but if he can't block, he won't be in for pass catching situations. I drafted him in the 6th in PPR, so I (had) have high expectations, but real football comes before fantasy. Would do us all some good to remember that.
  12. I still think he is high-upside WR2. He has performed well in every game he has played in except the injury game. When healthy he is a start. That being said, I did not draft him, so I do not have the "I wasted my 3rd round pick" stain that some others may have on him.
  13. One of the positives of Smith is that I believe the coaching staff trusts him to throw more than they would with Haskins back there. Getting practice reps together can only help as well. I know Smith is not what he once was, but he is =Haskins at worst in my eyes.
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