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  1. Very hopeful for the best and that he comes back soon but with the Spurs history of managing injuries, not to mention adding this on to his previous injury, I’m predicting that they play it safe and bring him back slowly.
  2. Honestly? As a Laker fan who watches almost every game and someone who drafted him in the 4th, I’m so glad I dropped him. I know he has the potential to be very very good as shown by his previous seasons, but the problem is that he doesn’t fit into the Lakers system at all. If you watch him play, 90% of the time he’s just camping on the 3-point line and jacking up threes. If the offense runs through him I believe he can put up some amazing stats as there are very few players who can give you the combination of PTS, 3s, elite BLKS, and good FT%. However he just doesn’t fit with the fast pace of
  3. Ersan Ilyasova is expected to miss 1-2 weeks. Also a question, I know Collins is great, but would you use your #1 waiver pick on him?
  4. He's on my waivers and really debating, drop IT for him? I was holding onto IT because I have Kawhi and didn't mind losing a few weeks until Kawhi is back, but Warren is tempting me again...
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