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  1. It all depends on adp and what number will player be at the draft.. Everyone talking about mitch rob or doncic means that they will likely not be on my team.. In early rounds i prefer smn like Capela or lillard,not that exciting but durable and consistent production
  2. Only in usa people can whiteknight over most meaningless things.. Even if he said ****** to him, who cares, ban him from future matches and move on.. Its is embarassment for that fan talking s--- to succesful athletes, what kind of insult it was is irrelevant.
  3. I was in ok position, but now it looks like i have to drop.. Warren always bizzare with his injuries
  4. not much to do when your worst player is Jabari..i agree with post above
  5. horford,love...rest of the team i really like
  6. Smart pg13 owners would do it for: jokic/lebron.. Owner less experienced might accept lillard/embiid howewer i dont think anyone serious would accept AD...why taking that risk and giving away 1st round stud with great PO schedule To sum this up,try with embiid or lillard
  7. I think thats very fair..no smart owner will offer more for AD, it is what it is
  8. I went with MR but im interested to hear your opinion
  9. Def.. But like i said he wont accept that.pg is too good right now
  10. I would accept lot of deals to get ad off my roster... But thats just my opinion of Ad which might not turn correct in the end
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