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  1. Take vuc. He’s been a blessing on my team
  2. Got offered Luka for SGA/Mikal bridges. Worth scavenging the wire and taking the trade?
  3. Made a few trades right before all star break including: LBJ/KP for Beal/KAT Klaw and turner for Simmons/Ayton Lavine and Lou Will for giannis Im currently in the last spot (8th) of the playoff race getting worried with news of KAT being out indefinitely
  4. Could use some input on my team. if I should moves some players out and make some final trades before deadline ESPN 12 team H2H 9CAT P.Guards:/Simmons/Rose/Napier/Sexton/coby white/Conley SG: Beal/Malik monk/Jamal Murray Forwards: Giannis/Morris Sr Centers: Ayton/Gasol/KAT(IR)
  5. You might be able to get a good trade out of him from someone. I was able to get bledsoe 1 for 1. There is hope
  6. Could use some help with a trade offer. I give up Kyrie Eric Gordon and THJ for CP3 and Harris. G: dame, EG, Kyrie, T.jones, Avery, Ish, Dinwiddie, Conley and Dlo F; THJ, Randle, Davis C: Gortat Thanks
  7. Was offered CP3 and Horford for Blake/Fournier or Blake/Conley. Should i trade away fournier or conley in this deal? 14 teams H2H 9cat SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS ACTION OPP STATUS ET MIN FGM/FGA FG% FTM/FTA FT% 3PM REB AST STL BLK TO PTS PR15 %OWN +/- PG Mike Conley, M
  8. Keep durant. Just try trading rubio for something smaller like aaron gordon
  9. I have dame and if someone offered me durant i would hit that accept button so fast.
  10. Depends on who owns him really. Some value him high some people do not. But see if you can 1 for 1 for capella
  11. Capella would be good. You can try and package him for another. Fournier is top 20 right now but it probably wont last so sell him while hes hot.
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