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  1. Just dropped in my 10 teamer, hopefully 4th waiver is enough to grab him. Will probably lose this week without my streaming spot, but worth it for this guy.
  2. In a 16 team league, do you have anyone else to drop?
  3. Agree with above. Murray had the better upside between him and LeVert but may also see a minutes split between him and Mudiay.
  4. I hope you haven't waited too long and the Chris Paul owner came to their senses. Would be crazy to miss out on that
  5. I dropped Chriss for Richardson for the exact reason above.
  6. Hope you accepted this before the other person came to their senses.
  7. I would definitely keep Collins for now to see how things pan out. I would also pick up Jamal for Skal or Kuzma, most likely Kuzma.
  8. 76-77 is competitive range, but yes Howard will most likely drop you out of that range. Turnovers I'm unsure of right now as he is sill settling into his new team mates.
  9. Very close. I would take the Jokic side only because of the uncertainty surrounding Kawhi. But you could make arguments for the Kawhi side easily.
  10. Concussion protocol is in no way along term injury. It's a very long season and there's no point trading a guy away if he's out for a week or so.
  11. When looking at a trade like this it's not a 3 for 1 as much as it is a 3 for 3. You have to look at who you are dropping to make these new spots. What I would also consider is %s can win you weeks even when you have a lower amount of games than your opponent, as they are not relient on games played. KAT is one of the best in the game at improving your %s.
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