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  1. Survived the Kawhi cheerleading circus and pulled out the W: Paul George Kawhi Leonard Eric Bledsoe Draymond Green Josh Richardson Rudy Gay Rajon Rondo KCP Terrence Ross Dwight Powell Derrick White Seth Curry Thomas Bryant Injury drops: Malcolm Brogdon Kelly Oubre Jeff Teague TJ Warren Caris Levert Trades: Aaron Gordon for Draymond Dennis Schroeder for Teague
  2. Picked up Jae Crowder and Josh Jackson as my last streamers of the week over Wayne Ellington and Malik Beasley for some extra points and threes. Crowder and Jackson: 5 points, 0 threes, 1/13 fg Ellington and Beasley: 33 points, 8 threes, 11/20 fgs plus one more game each. Bad bad decisions boys. Def deserve this lose
  3. Have been in first most of the season and now having worst possible start to my playoffs. Might even lose to the 6th seed: J-Rich - Can’t make a shot to save his life Whiteside - rebounding and blocks anchor almost gets DNP Brogdon - injured Kawhi - being Kawhi Oubre - random finger sprain Jeff Teague - annoying bum ankle problems TJ Warren - who knows what’s wrong with this guy Thank god for PG-13. Let’s see how it goes...
  4. He just got dropped and I have a waiver claim for him and drop Sean Kilpatrick, I'm flip floping like crazy whether to cancel it or not
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