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  1. Looks like a decent trade to me. I don't like anyone's propensity for injury in that group of 3, but I'd move Kyrie for those pieces if I wanted to get rid of him.
  2. I'd like to go with Naz because he's the center but he got no minutes last game and if that keeps up or becomes a trend, then James Johnson is the obvious pickup. I am betting on the team wanting to see what they have in their new players rather than specifically player development on the young guys. So, James Johnson is my pick.
  3. I don't think anyone has the true answer until after the break and we see (1) what's really up with KAT and (2) how coach is going to play his rotations. I mean, this iteration of the team is only a week old and we only just found out about KAT. With that said I went with James Johnson. Personally, I would go with Naz 2nd over Juancho, but that's just because I have an abundance of 3 point chuckers on my squad. In a vacuum, maybe Juancho then Naz. I prefer the multi cat production of Johnson over the points, threes, and maybe boards and FT% of Juancho. But that's just me. To each t
  4. The typical person rosters a PG for assists and steals. Huerter gives you more of those than both Sexton and Robinson. In addition, Sexton shoots around 80%+ at the FT line. He's not going to help anywhere near as much as AD does.
  5. Looks like you should stand pat. Its a great offer, but given your roster construction you are loaded on points and 3's. Tobias and Bojan will provide you with more points and 3's and sometimes a FG% boost. But since you have Harden, Brooke Lopez, Dinwiddie, Covington, etc your FG% probably isn't a strength of yours anyway. And since people won't really trade you will be stuck with an abundance of categories that you already have in the bag without a way to improve other categories. (Assuming you are doing categories and not points). All in all it's a great trade in a vacuum, but given yo
  6. Definitely get rid of IT, that dude should not be present on any dynasty team. I keep hearing good things about Garland despite him not playing well at the moment, so I would possibly think about Gary Harris as your other drop/swap option. I love the potential of Dejounte Murray and I just read that Elf is not going to be the starting PG for NYK for the time being, read into that as much as you want to.
  7. 12 Team 8 Cat I currently have Serge Ibaka rostered because I like how fits my punt assist/punt stls strategy. When looking at box scores Brandon Clarke and Ibaka have similar stat profiles with the exception of Clarke having a significantly higher FG%. They play roughly the same amount of minutes and I am thinking of replacing Ibaka with Clarke because Ibaka has not been performing as well as he did last year (FG% is down, blks are down, seems like role is reduced). What are your thoughts on the two players and which do you think will have the better year overall? Should I swap them out?
  8. What the hell, man! Why didn't you want to do this before I dropped you. Oh well, congrats to those who timed MIllsap on the upswing.
  9. Cut Hayward. If I had to gamble on one producing it would be Will Barton.
  10. My bad, I guess I glanced over that bit of information there. And while taking that into consideration I still think you should definitely try to open up a streaming spot if possible, but it is very difficult for someone outside of your league to help assess your options. Looking at your core players, you have assembled a very strong punt assists team where the vase majority are ideal punt assist players and then there are those that are great support players. Your team as comprised is strong and can theoretically be improved with a streaming spot, but from my perspective it is very difficult
  11. You should definitely try to open up a streaming spot if possible. The league that I'm in does not trade much, but I think a sound strategy is to trade two of your players with a team that is either out of the playoffs equation completely or is on the fringe trying to get into the playoffs. I liken this type of trade to when a real life team tries to trade one of their players to a different conference so that they don't have to deal with playing against that player. In your case since your team is stacked, if successful, you wouldn't have to worry about arming the playoff competition with two
  12. You take that and drop Dunn or Sabonis. I haven't been paying attention to Sabonis much since Turner has been lighting it up, but I imagine if Turner balls out he takes minutes (and stats) away from Sabonis.
  13. I'd take Cedi's playoff schedule over Dario's (443 vs 333).
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