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  1. Looking like the apocalypse here in the bay area. Hope the air quality gets better by sunday.
  2. The real question is: Will Alvin Kamara be Alvin Kamara-like next year?
  3. Just won my 12man .5ppr league with this team: QB: Winston RB: CMC RB: Aaron Jones WR: Evans WR: Calvin Ridley Flex: Ekeler TE: Gesicki DST: Stream This is probably the best team I've drafted. Looking back at the draft, I managed to pick up the best player that was available at the time (besides getting Lamar, Pats D, and maybe a TE obviously). I went 11-2 with 10 straight wins at one point. The 2 losses I had was against the same person for some reason and happened to be when CMC had his 2 lowest scores of the season. CMC, AJones, Evans
  4. Hell yes, my team just scored the highest points in both week 14 and 15. My team is blowing up just in time for playoffs. Too bad I'm in the consolation bracket...
  5. Just wanted to share my story: This season I went 11-2 in my 12man .5ppr, first place with most points scored. I did not have any injuries even to my bench players all year. Week 14 on my bye week comes and I score the highest for the week and was even the league high for the season at 173 points. At 173 points, my team should be set for the rest of playoffs right? Well even though I scored so much last week, I lose my WR1/WR2 in Evans and Ridley for the rest of the season. My QB Winston is throwing tennis balls today. I had Guice and Marvin Jones on my bench who are al
  6. Anyone else worried Akiem Hicks is coming back for this game? AJ didnt do so well the first game against the bears but they are at home this time.
  7. He sucks. He's going to be so bad these next 3 weeks. DROP DROP DROP
  8. Anyone know how Detroit's defense is? If you have a first round bye, they play vs TB week 15 and @ Den week 16. I just dont know how good they are.
  9. I remember drafting him in all 3 of the leagues I was in last year because of all the hype. I was so excited to finally use him once the schedule eased up but then got replaced by Gus the Bus.
  10. My team is like those AT&T commercials: just ok. I'm not getting blown out or anything. My team does decent but I just keep losing. 5th week in a row I've lost now.
  11. The 2 years I drafted Gurley are the 2 seasons where he sucks...
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