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  1. Oh is that what he was talking about? The guy I quoted was talking about Golden Tate being drafted so when I mentioned Eli, it was obviously during the beginning of the season when he was still the starter.
  2. Not sure what you are implying. Are you saying because I dont have over 3000 posts on a site that I'm fairly new to fantasy and only parrot things from fantasy analysts?
  3. In 14 team leagues I can see him being drafted. In 12 team leagues it can go either way. People would rather draft some potential fliers for week 1 and drop them for Tate if they dont pan out. And its not like everyone trusts the Giants passing game especially with Eli at qb.
  4. I think I rather have them use Gurley this way than giving him all the touches early in the season and having him burnt out/injured come playoffs. We should be all be wanting his situation/usage. Even if it continues throughout the season, its not like we invested a first round pick on him. (This is what I say to myself to help me sleep at night.)
  5. Had CMC, Evans, and Car D going last night. CMC carried my team last week. Not this week though :(.
  6. 100% or not, why the hell would he want to risk getting injured during the first week of the season? The Rams were up the whole game and there was really no need for him to get those extra yards. It looked like he turned it up a bit near the end once the Panthers started to come back.
  7. I hope he learned where the sun rises and sets...
  8. With all the injuries lately and players/coaches saying they're fine...
  9. Man everyone is making this statement more complicated then it needs to be. "What if theres a full moon and the polar caps melt down a few inches? Will it be ok to make a waiver claim?" Don't worry, there are people who understand what you are saying.
  10. So just a summary of what has happened to me recently all on one team: Kerryon- injured Alex Collins- replaced then IR'ed Hunt- gets waived Josh Adams- gets an injury saturday Diggs- knee swelled up last night AJ Green- injury then Dalton IR'ed Hueurman- my te last week gets IR'ed
  11. Yeah I know. I traded for Hunt in week 8 and immediately picked up Ware. Held him for 3 weeks and had to drop because of byes and injuries. Like I said earlier, this was the week I pick him back up since byes are over. Since Hunt had a bye last week, I felt I could have waited closer to gametime this week to pick Ware up. I totally didnt see that Hunt drama coming mid week. I already asked in our group chat for at least an IR spot next year and most agreed to it but its up to commish who hasnt really said anything about it yet.
  12. My rb depth took a beating the past few weeks: Kerryon- injured Alex Collins- replaced then IR'ed Hunt- waived Josh Adams- injured on saturday The past few weeks, there was a voice in my head telling me to cuff Hunt with Ware. With injuries on my team (including AJ Green) and only 5 bench spots with no IR, I was having a hard time finding a roster spot for Ware. My plan was to drop Humphries for Ware on Sunday once I knew AJ would really be back. I work a 12 hour graveyard shift so when the Hunt drama happened, I was fast asleep. I woke up to my friends i
  13. That is the definition of collusion which is what vetoes are for. What are those teams records btw?
  14. Wow, can you post both rosters if you dont mind?
  15. I dont care what anyone says, this is 99% luck. That 1% is reserved for knowing how to place non bye players in your lineup. Then again there are people who lose to others who have bye players in so I'm gonna go with 99.9999% luck.
  16. My team names for my 3 leagues right now: Keke Do You Love me Keep Calm & Kerryon Just a Kittle Luck
  17. I've used Saved by O Dell. I also used O Dell Naw and when he went down last year I changed it to O Dell Noooooooo.
  18. The difference between Jax and KC is that KC is in the same division as the Chargers. Divisional teams always play each other hard and since they usually play against each other more than once a year, they know the tendencies of the other team. Look at what happens to Brady every time he plays in Miami. Just because Rivers did well vs a good defense doesnt necessarily mean he'll do well against a lesser one.
  19. I dont think you're suppose to touch the QB in practice in the first place.
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