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  1. He's been medically cleared so he's going to start. No way he'll want to sit out especially if they still have a chance at the playoffs.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. A lot of people here seem to have so much confidence in starting him while I'm over here worried about him getting re-injured, rust, and going against good defenses these next couple of weeks. Typical RW forum hyping up a player to make themselves feel better about starting him. I'm going to be starting him in a league where I have I only have Winston but might sit him for Rivers in another. I dont want to put all my eggs in one basket in case things go south.
  3. Humble brag because I ended up losing week 13 on a stat change that ends messing up my seeding? This is the Vent and Rant Thread where people can talk about stuff like that. Your last post was in the 2016 Vent Thread: "This thread has way too many humble brags. Ban them" Do you like posting once a year only to call out humble brags?
  4. Why do you even bother posting here? 24 posts? Must be an alt account.
  5. Last week (week 13) I won 124.98 - 124.36. A couple of days later I find out there is a stat change and I end up losing dropping me from the 3rd seed to the 5th seed. I managed to win this week but now I have to go against 1st who was 13-0 in the regular season. He had a bye this week but still put up the most points. Hold me fantasy brothers, hold me.
  6. Been playing him all year and this is the first week I've thought of sitting him. Will it finally be the week he goes off because I do? Decisions, decisions.
  7. I'm scared to play him this week being a divisional game IN KC. He threw 3 picks against them earlier this year at "home". I'm going to be thinking about this all week ugh.
  8. A friend of mine lost the championship because of a stat correction. First he was happy he won, then couldnt believe that the change was real. We called him "Stat Change" for a few years after that.
  9. I think that one he had 10 days to recover since he got injured in a thursday night game.
  10. Planning to pick him up to replace Tyrod this week. He's screwed me a couple of times this season already in other leagues so not really confident in playing him.
  11. As a niner fan, I was pretty close to buying his jersey already lol. As a fantasy football manager, no way I'm starting JG with the current team. If he does well, then so be it but I wouldnt want to risk fantasy playoffs on him. Hopefully they do a good job building around him this offseason.
  12. Some replacements on the wire that play on Monday night are: Lafell Gio Kroft Eli Rogers Jesse James Both teams have decent defenses so all those players have tough matchups. Looks like we're pretty much screwed unless you guys have better options in today's games.
  13. I don't really watch the KC games nor do I have any coaching experience but why dont they have Kareem on passing downs so they're not telegraphing whether its a run or pass play?
  14. Anyone else hold their breath when Julio almost tripped over the pylon after scoring?
  15. It seems Giants d finally stepping up. They shut down Alex Smith last week and slowed down Cousins this week.
  16. So Tyrod WAS still the play this week. Fantasy is hard.
  17. Hope the Chargers remember all the bad luck they've had and continue to rack up the score.
  18. In on first page. Picked him up for that upcoming schedule.
  19. Wow. When people say "revenge game", majority of the time its a joke. As previously mentioned, its just a saying that people use when someone plays against an old team.
  20. In the appeal, Evans needs to blame Winston for starting the fight. Winston gets suspension instead and gives him another week to recover.
  21. Sometimes I question what sort of evil things I have done in a past life to deserve the bad luck I have in fantasy.
  22. Theres a different NE rb in these threads every week...
  23. Not sure if this belongs in the AC forum but what type of rb can you get for Hogan? I need an rb2 bad in my 12man and trying to see who I should target for him.
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