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  1. Mixon should be the play here imo. If texans were at home, it'd be a harder choice. Dont really want Fuller against LOB at home. Only concern is how Marvin Lewis will react with Mixon's comments last week.
  2. Anyone plan on keeping Minnesota def through their bye? Not a lot of decent defenses left in my 12man and feel like rolling the dice on Min def ros instead of having to use faab every week streaming. Only concern is that schedule after their bye: Week 10 @Was Week 11 vs LAR Week 12 @Det Week 13 @Atl Week 14 @Car Week 15 vs Cin Week 16 @GB A lot of capable offenses and 5 out 7 are away games.
  3. Can we let this thread die until tomorrow? Dont want league members getting any ideas lol. If you guys have room, might as well roll the dice with him.
  4. Either Mariota or Parker depending on what his status is this week. He should have an update later today hopefully.
  5. I wouldnt drop them. 5 out of 8 games are at home and most of those qbs are turnover prone. Only one that might be trouble is Deshaun Watson and depending which Russel Wilson decides to show up.
  6. Did anyone watch the game and know if the rain (if any) had a big impact on his performance?
  7. Pretty sure everyone dropped him this week lol. Dropped Gillislee too so I might want to pick him back up and start him next week.
  8. Played against Carr, Cooper, and Crabtree all on one team. I'm now in a 82.58 hole to start the week.
  9. I know what you mean. From Rodgers to Dalton, yuck.
  10. As an ex-Rodgers owner, he will be my replacement. Seems to be the best waiver pickup ROS imo. There's also Tyrod but sure how that offense will be without Clay. At least Andy will have boom potential with AJG.
  11. Picked him up when I saw Smallwood didnt practice yesterday. Trying to find a reason to start him in place of Amari Cooper in my flex. Anyone gonna get a hype train going?
  12. Brady has a bye week 9 and then plays at Denver week 10. Off the top of their head does anyone know of a streamable qb who has good matchups for those two weeks? I'll look into it later when I have time but just wondering if anyone has looked into that yet.
  13. I'm used to what he's done in the first 3 weeks. He's droppable at this point.
  14. Yet you're trying to get him? If you think he can turn it around, dont you think the owner feels the same way?
  15. With all rb injuries, it'd be smart to keep a lot of depth.
  16. If you have other options on your bench or on waivers then sure. In my 12 man, theres no one else besides the bad handcuffs left so I'm going to have to hold on for a few more weeks to see what happens to him.
  17. I was thinking of trying to sell him but with the NE defense not being able to stop anyone, maybe they'll be in a lot of shootouts this year? Thoughts?
  18. I believe this might be true. Lets look at the timeline: - has hamstring injury in training camp - doesnt play until 3rd preseason game - Belicheck says he has some ground to make up So he pretty much has only played 3 games with this team. I'm really hoping they'll give him more work as the season goes on.
  19. Everyone in here acting like they would handle every situation perfectly whenever they're frustrated. Being physically and mentally drained, I'm pretty sure the majority here, including myself, would have acted the same. Is what he did right? Of course not, but he is human and let his emotions take over.
  20. He's been on my bench since the beginning of last season. Lets go alreadyyyyy.
  21. The Niners always play Seattle hard, being in the same division. It can still happen but make sure to temper your expectations.
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