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  1. Anyone plan on keeping Minnesota def through their bye? Not a lot of decent defenses left in my 12man and feel like rolling the dice on Min def ros instead of having to use faab every week streaming. Only concern is that schedule after their bye:


    Week 10 @Was

    Week 11 vs LAR

    Week 12 @Det

    Week 13 @Atl

    Week 14 @Car

    Week 15 vs Cin

    Week 16 @GB


    A lot of capable offenses and 5 out 7 are away games. 

  2. 5 hours ago, DekuTree said:

    Sorry everyone, should have warned you I dropped him this weekend, could have given you the heads up to stick him in your lineups. 


    2 hours ago, Rolling Thunder said:


    That makes two of us.


    2 hours ago, RustyMiller said:


    That makes three of us.  Everyone make sure you pick up Gillislee for next week.  After I drop him he's guaranteed 3 tds and 75 yds.


    Pretty sure everyone dropped him this week lol. Dropped Gillislee too so I might want to pick him back up and start him next week.

  3. Brady has a bye week 9 and then plays at Denver week 10. Off the top of their head does anyone know of a streamable qb who has good matchups for those two weeks? I'll look into it later when I have time but just wondering if anyone has looked into that yet.

  4. 14 minutes ago, gimme the ball said:

    Just crazy. Coop's fantasy outlook is dead. Carr is out. He's dropping passes. Ppl drafted him with their second pick. You take whatever you can get at this point. 


    Yet you're trying to get him? If you think he can turn it around, dont you think the owner feels the same way?

  5. 48 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

    He's a new piece to the offense. Before the season is over, he will be starting and eating chunks of yardage.


    I believe this might be true. Lets look at the timeline:


    - has hamstring injury in training camp

    - doesnt play until 3rd preseason game

    - Belicheck says he has some ground to make up


    So he pretty much has only played 3 games with this team. I'm really hoping they'll give him more work as the season goes on.

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