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  1. 9 minutes ago, Holben said:

    Unlike another person here, I'm going to say bad point.


    Entirely different situations. Was this his rookoe year? Lemme guess, QB = CK, only offensive pass catcher worth a damn was likely Vernon Davis. I bet that offense as a whole didnt do much.


    Alex Smith > CK

    Travis Kelce > Vernon Davis

    Tyreek Hill > Garbo backup WRs they had that year.

    Kansas City OLine > 49ers OLine


    Kareem Hunt is in an ideal situation where he doesnt have to worry about defenses stacking the box because they will get torched through the air trying to stop a rookie.


    I was not comparing their team/player situation. I am comparing the cockiness of all the people after his good game week 1. In my experience, its the cocky owners/people who tend to have bad luck/karma. Just wanted people to tone it down with SEE I TOLD YOU SO or HE'S THE SECOND COMING posts so we all dont get bad karma lol.

  2. Anyone else kinda wish Zeke gets the 6 game suspension? In one league, the guy who has him autodrafted the first 6 rounds because he forgot we had a draft. He is also the kind of guy who will talk hella s--- even though he doesnt know what he's doing. In another league, the guy who drafted him had only 3 rbs on his roster Freeman, Zeke, and D Henry. We drafted before we knew there might be reduction in the suspension so he basically only had 1 serviceable rb. I guess I'm just salty because it seems the people who put in the least work into this seem to be the luckiest. Maybe this belongs in the vent thread lol.

  3. 2 hours ago, whoopsie said:


    If you're not playing FAAB then I don't know what you are doing with your life.


    Not trying to be a FAAB elitist but everyone should be using FAAB by now. It gives everyone equal opportunities to grab a player off the ww. An already stacked team can have a really bad week 1 and then still be able to add the #1 waiver pickup the next week with regular waiver setting (I dont even know what its called anymore). FAAB especially helps later in the season with those teams on the bubble where your team sucks but doesnt suck enough to get a good waiver priority lol.

  4. If they took away their bye, it would be pretty messed up. Its like taking away your lunch break at work or something along those lines. Everyone depends on those byes to rest up, recover from injuries, visit their families, etc. I dont know how the politics, rules, ethics works on all that but wouldnt the players union (or whatever represents players rights) fight for a better solution than having them play all those games in a row?

  5. 13 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

    DouggieMar is going to win some leagues this season! 


    9 minutes ago, nb009 said:

    I've owned Martin for 2 out of his 5 seasons, 2012 and 2015. In both years, he finished top 5.


    2017 will mark the third year where I own Martin. Enjoy the ride, fellas. Enjoy the ride.


    In for the ride.

  6. Good points guys. I'm actually trying something new this year. I usually wait for a qb but so far in 2 leagues I've drafted Rodgers and Brady both in the 3rd round. I didnt like other options in that 3rd round so going for one of guys seemed like the right choice for me. Good luck to everyone else going this route.


    Edit: I have a third draft coming up on wednesday and really tempted to pick up Kareem Hunt in that 3rd round. I managed to snag him in the 6th round in a 12man but that was before yahoo updated his adp. Someone talk me out of it? Lol.

  7. 3 hours ago, FinsUp24 said:

    He was limping for about two seconds in hard knocks. That's about it


    Pretty much this. They started talking about how their players were getting dinged up and showed Evans limping a little bit. It also showed Evans on the sidelines in their 3rd preseason game and he seemed ok.

  8. 5 hours ago, Tenner said:

    I usually do the same. But....I am slowly buying into the logic of taking Rodgers 3rd round, Brady 4th round, or Brees 5th round. 


    I a firm believer in building a 'strength' in the draft. Spending your first 8 picks on flex positions...can do that. If you have a very identifiable strength a third of the way into the season....you can kinda cherry pick how you want to improve your perceived weakness through favorable trades. 


    Majority of the mocks I've done, I've actually liked my team better when I pick up Rodgers in the 3rd. 

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