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  1. That's what she said! Jokes aside, this dude has been awesome. Best waiver wire pickup of the season imo.
  2. He's only going to be a TE for one week so definitely not winning any leagues. I'd be thrilled if he helps me get a W this week.
  3. Anybody worried about Sony eating into his touches?
  4. Mike Davis has been useless since week 6. This is just sucky situation all around.
  5. This dude should be getting peppered with targets like Adams.
  6. So when's he going to have the second test and when can we expect the result? Any idea?
  7. Did either of these guys get any GL carriers?
  8. Feel bad for opposition defenses. Who are they gonna put their #1 CB on?
  9. Texans would be ideal for him (and Watson) from a fantasy perspective. He would get to play with an elite QB and Watson would get a de facto WR1 to replace Nuk.
  10. Tyler Boyd vs IND CeeDee Lamb vs ARI DJ Moore vs CHI Chase Claypool vs CLE Half PPR.
  11. The kind of players you get in return at this point won't have the same upside as Bell.
  12. LFG! This is gonna be fun to watch. Whatever happens, it can't be worse than the mess in NY.
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