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  1. Of course he does, I am just comparing stats category on who is better right now in each cat. The only one that Giannis is way behind is 3pts. But that can probably be covered depending on your team. I am not saying that by the end of season Giannis will be better, but I dispute the fact that KD is by far a better choice. The other extra advantage is that if you judge by the last 3 seasons , KD is more likely to miss games (35 missed games vs 6) than Giannis,
  2. Even in Roto League why is KD far superior ? at the moment. KD gets : FT%, 3PT, AST, BLK Giannis get: FG%, REB, PTS, TO, STL so Giannis gets 5 out of 9 categories and AST could actually go either way.
  3. Giannis had an off night. Missed a few he could have made, but still.... 27/9/7/2/2 !
  4. They gave the 1st block to Snell ! Hope they correct it
  5. Giannis is heavily affected by foul trouble. the 5th one was at least a joke...
  6. Interesting ESPN had 12 REbs 2 TOs, now 12/1 and I saw 11 Rebs on other box scores. Apparently it is tough job to keep an eye for Giannis's stats
  7. 33/12/5 and 2 stupid TOs at the end (which hurt me on Fantasy )
  8. Bad thing is, it's a blow out game (40-20 begin. of 2nd), so I could see him resting a bit
  9. Offensively Jabari is amazing, however he is a liability on the defense. My biggest dream is pairing Giannis with a good Center, who is monster on D. Like Gobert. Then you could utilize Jabari better. Brogdon, Snell, Jabari, Giannis, Gobert could cover Jabari's D issues, Snell might not appear like a solid contender starter bur would hit the open 3s and plays D without wanting a max contract. Brogdon has high BBIQ and is solid. Giannis's assists would rise and with Jabari and Gobert they would dominate the paint.
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