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  1. Of course he does, I am just comparing stats category on who is better right now in each cat.

    The only one that Giannis is way behind is 3pts. But that can probably be covered depending on your team.

    I am not saying that by the end of season Giannis will be better, but I dispute the fact that KD is by far a better choice.


    The other extra advantage is that if you judge by the last 3 seasons , KD is more likely to miss games (35 missed games vs 6)  than Giannis,

  2. On 12/30/2017 at 3:23 PM, FootballFan101 said:



    It comes down to what type of league you play in.  In roto leagues (which is what I play) punting categories doesn't really work...if you are punting more than one category you aren't going to win a roto league.


    So in roto leagues, KD is far superior to Giannis because KD provides a positive impact in every category (he's actually been a slight liability in STLs this year, but his career average in STLs has been a positive impact).




    Even in Roto League why is KD far superior ?


    at the moment.

    KD gets : FT%, 3PT, AST, BLK

    Giannis get: FG%, REB, PTS, TO, STL


    so Giannis gets 5 out of 9 categories and AST could actually go either way.

  3. Offensively Jabari is amazing, however he is a liability on the defense. My biggest dream is pairing Giannis with a good Center, who is monster on D. Like Gobert.

    Then you could utilize Jabari better. Brogdon, Snell, Jabari, Giannis, Gobert could cover Jabari's D issues, Snell might not appear like a solid contender starter bur would hit the open 3s and plays D without wanting a max contract.

    Brogdon has high BBIQ and is solid. Giannis's assists would rise and with Jabari and Gobert they would dominate the paint.

  4. 1 hour ago, FootballFan101 said:


    As a Bucks' fan, are you concerned about how poor of a job management has done surrounding Giannis?  Middleton and Brogdon are the only other above average players on that team and neither of them is close to being a star.  I know they've had some bad luck that Parker keeps tearing his ACL, but even before that, I don't think Parker was anywhere near good enough to be your 2nd best player on a championship caliber team.


    Absolutely :D Don't get me started on the management decisions and on J.Kidd. I can be quite objective as I admit I am a new fan and came to know the Bucks through Giannis , and loved the idea of young coach , players and build a team for the future. They struck gold with Giannis, but have made so many decisions.over the years and we are still waiting for the future. In te meantime :


    1. Tied to much money in a group of 2nd and 3rd Tier Centers

    2. Now they try to make Maker a Center, who never played his life as one and only has the height and no strength, nor good positioning 

    3. Signed for 10+ M/ year scrubs like Delly and Telly

    4. Kidd might be responsible for Giannis development, but as a coach, his rotations suck, and he can draw a play even if his life depends on it

    5. No salary space unless we unload something and  you fill the team with veterans and waivers


     A starter SG with good 3pt and D, Snell is a good backup but not starter

    A dominating C good on defence


    Would be a good place to start,  but apparently all this years no one sees it.

  5. Hi all,


    This is my first time playing NBA Fantasy and while I do quite well it is only the beginning and I wanted to get some advice from experienced users.

    I am in a huge (20 teams) 9cat Roto League with friends from a Bucks board. I was lucky enough to draw 2nd and got my fav player (Giannis obviously),

    but then I didn't draft as well as I had planned (noob) and I ended up trading  and changing some BN players.


    I drafted:


    Jeff Teague Min - PG
    J.J. Redick Phi - SG
    Tyler Johnson Mia - PG,SG
    Giannis Antetokounmpo Mil - SF,PF
    Al Horford Bos - PF,C
    Greg Monroe Mil - PF,C
    Enes Kanter NY - C
    Kelly Olynyk Mia - C
    Bogdan Bogdanovic Sac - SG
    C.J. Miles Tor - SG,SF
    Sam Dekker LAC - SF,PF
    Bobby Portis Chi - PF,C
    Jameer Nelson Den - PG


    After trading some assets and some not so important assets I ended up with :


    Ricky Rubio Uta - PG
    Wesley Matthews Dal - SG,SF
    Jeff Teague Min - PG
    Giannis Antetokounmpo Mil - SF,PF
    Al Horford Bos - PF,C
    Julius Randle - PF
    Enes Kanter NY - C
    Kelly Olynyk Mia - C
    Tristan Thompson CAV - PF/C
    C.J. Miles Tor - SG,SF
    Kyle Anderson SA - SG,SF
    Ekpe Udoh Uta - PF,C
    Mike James Pho - PG (Nobody knew him but he played for my team in Greece, and I knew that he would be a good BN pick since PHO is not the best atm)


    I am second 2,5 pts behind and the only categories I suck are TOs (abysmally) and Blocks (despite having so many PF/C)

    Rank Team Name FG% FT% 3PTM PTS REB AST ST BLK TO Total Points Pts Change
    My team


    I am quite disappoint from J.Randle so far. What are your thoughts about him ? Hold him a bit longer ?

    I am currently thinking of trading one of the 2 decent PGs + Randle for a good PF/SF.

    I can handle the hit in PTS and AST, should reduce TOs increase blocks maybe,


    Your thoughts/input is highly appreciated.







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