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  1. He twitted: "I'm coming" , yesterday evening. He will probably return to the team soon. A nice graph with his 4 first seasons stats:
  2. Gianni's father unfortunately passed away at the early age of 54 from heart attack. Gianni's will miss the first (and probably more) preseason game. They are a very close family and it will affect him a lot.
  3. Summer update for Giannis. Ranked 9 by SI and ESPN. Greek NT: He participated in part of the training and played just one friendly game (in which he was awesome). He didn't participate in Eurobasket 2017. He had a mild knee discomfort, and there was a whole soap-opera of how serious it was and whether it was exaggerated so that he will not participate (greek doctors said he needed a week rest, Bucks doctor ruled him out). As a greek I really wanted to see him domianting Euro 2017, but on the other hand Bucks have 100Mi invested there, so even with a minor concern it would be better for him to rest. At media day yesterday they said he is 100% fit for the start. Workout: He is becoming a beast. Expect him to dominate even more when he plays the 5 as well (small ball or even not small ) His character: The same old good guy/goofy : Most important. His shot: He trained it a lot. In the one game he played, he appeared to be less hesitant and with better release. If he improved it indeed. Then it is game over:
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