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  1. With Miami's offense being depleted today, would that effect their Defense? Can see them being on the field a lot or being in short field situations. Seattle's D is on the wire and so is NEs D and also Min vs CHI
  2. AB is due for one and it should be easier against ATL. Definitely kmet, 49ers are #1 against TEs
  3. Browns. Dont like divisional games much
  4. I'd go with sanders. Bengals playing backup qb against Pittsburgh D and Pittman is hit or miss
  5. Both Adam's and Ekler put up duds and I was hoping to get at least 30 pts from them. Its .5ppr Lockett @Was Sanders vsKC J Wilson @Dal If this was a regular season I'm sitting lockett but I'm afraid Lockett will go off if I bench him smh
  6. Hes not going to put up Allen's numbers
  7. Team A. I'm not sure what the scoring is but I dont think Team B catches up
  8. I'm playing Miami's Defense. Not super confident but I'm okay with it
  9. I swear ekeler is getting open every time but Herbert wants to throw it 50 yes instead smh
  10. Damn... think I'm going to roll him out still
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