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  1. YES maybe i dont have to worry about trading kat anymore...
  2. i dropped him last night for theo maledon, hes literally the worst pick i ever drafted in history in the 6th round when i could've drafted randle lol...
  3. Yup im one of them. im contemplating if i should drop him for Hernangomez but the only reason im holding onto bledsoe cuz i wanna see if he gets benched or traded during trade deadline..
  4. Damn i wanna pick him up but my worst player is bledsoe and i wanna hold until trade dead line tho...
  5. i just traded him and plumlee for karls town, i was expecting russ to play as good as last year even though i knew he wasn't going to play b2b during draft, but i cant handle him anymore and the wiz might rest him down the line since they wont make playoffs.
  6. I'm going to keep him on my IR tommorow as well. my last 3 worst players are josh jackson, elfrid payton, and sheldon, i have no clue who to drop, on top of that i have burks, so if he doesn't play this sat, i can slide him onto my IR without dropping any of those 3 for now until burks comes back.
  7. Delon is my worst player and im waiting until next game, if he doesnt play close to 30 mins and stinks it up imma drop him for patrick wills
  8. I was thinking of grabbing either curry or towns with the 7th but to get harden was crazy lol, im thinking my friends are scared of drafting him because of him getting traded, but hes going to be who he is regardless where ever he ends up except nets but him going there is a stretch.
  9. Harden fell to me with the 7th pick in my 12 team 9 cat league.
  10. Jaylen got picked dead last round in my 10 team lool.
  11. he would be perfect for my team but i dont know who to drop for him, i just dropped pj tucker for pj wash.
  12. Nice, he would fit well on my team, i guess i gotta drop pj tucker lol
  13. Quick question, whats the hype about him? what does he do good in what cats? sorry.
  14. He has the "Can't Cut" tag on him for me, any other way I can waive him or just stick with him?
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