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  1. I think Gallman will get a number of catches out of the backfield vs SEA, and so even if he doesn't score he will be playable. Due to gameflow and matchup. 5/50 receiving
  2. Hmmm maybe pickup before tomorrow's game to see if he hits, otherwise drop him. If you have a dud on your roster to do so.
  3. That looked like a forward pass (as a Mahomes owner)
  4. Started Pittman over Godwin. Thank goodness.
  5. I may bench him for this weekend. Risk of a low scoring game with both defenses of the Rams and Bucs. Not sure how playable any of the Bucs WRs are in a low scoring game.
  6. Guy has done well with Flacco , who is decent with deep balls. With news that darnold is out in week 11 ( and possibly longer) ) I think perriman is a decent pickup as a flex player with upside. He might be available for pickup now since the jets had a bye.
  7. Chubb was critical for the Cle offense. They ran more plays and sustained longer drives, which led to more scoring opportunities and more TD's for Hunt as well. In Cle's last 3 games they only had 22 rushes/game vs 35 rushes/game in the first 5 games. Hunt is still averaging 2-3 receptions per game, and so I think Chubb coming back, oddly will actually help the whole Cle offense and Hunt as well. They've got a decent schedule ROS as well, except Balt in week 14.
  8. Nah I wouldn't. Watson still has more upside. Goff could just easily put up a dud as he could 30+.
  9. Need a packers blowout to maybe get hasty touches
  10. Agree to disagree. Schultz has no QB, Reed could be really good agree on that, but can't stay on the field, and Thomas is the 4th option or something in a low volume passing attack. In the end Im making a bet that Hooper becomes a big part of the offense moving forward, as he had shown in the last 3 games when healthy with Beckham in the mix.
  11. Yeah not the whole season, but the 3 prior games he had 23 targets out of 3 games ~ 8 per game. I think that is more indicative of how he will be used, considering he was new to the team.
  12. Guy was gettig 8 targets a game prior to injury with Beckham in the lineup. Not worried about Njoku and Bryant -- they will get a couple targets a game. I don't see Hooper's target totals going down with Beckham out. I think we will see Landry and Hooper as the top 2 receivers, rest of the TE's/WR core will be hit or miss. Hooper could be easily be 12-14 PPR points per game average rest of season, which is solid as a TE or a flex play. He also has relatilvely TE friendly schedule rest of season.
  13. I picked this guy up hoping for a trade or a trade to any Dallas WR or even QB, but anything to see from last night's performance ? Guy just got 12 targets -- seemed like the coaches specifically planned to get him involved with a number of quick pass opportunities.
  14. If its just Hasty and Mckinnon for Thurs night against the Packers, he should get a good amount of touches in a better matchup then SEA. Flex worthy if Coleman is out.
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