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  1. Cooking, maybe he does have some J Clarko in him
  2. Bit conflicted what to do with him - can we realistically see an ideal landing spot for him?
  3. ride him till he dies, just don't drop anything with long term value since these numbers are without blake/wayne/rose
  4. don't ever wrap your willy again horford 🙂
  5. Buy low window officially closed, the man can't be stopped if the kisses are back
  6. On the bright side... this could have been alot worse if anyone picked Covs instead
  7. Not only that, he's playing without 3 of his starters so he's basically forced to create for himself
  8. He isn't Anthony Day-to-Davis for no reason
  9. Surely this guy is going to get some sort of suspension from the league?
  10. Yeah the problem with Nurkic and Covington this year is the Blazers depth.. if they aren't playing well its really not a big deal. Scotts will happily rotate them out for the hotter hand
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