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  1. Don't know if must own, but hes in my 10-team lineup what with me cycling 7 Os, GTDs, and INJs.
  2. Hs been hit or miss but clearly has the highest bball IQ in OKC
  3. Now that we've had a good look at him for more than a week, he's actually just...tall. Does not box out in D, does not seal his defender in O.
  4. Guy needs to hit his freethrows but KPJ is hogging tf out of the ball and has 8 TOs jfc
  5. I gotta admit, after getting burned by DJJ's Feb surge, i was one of the doubters when McD got his 3rd stright 30min game. Im regretting it big time now.
  6. Tune in next game for 3 made 3s in 40% shooting
  7. The rule of thumb is that if a center has dreads and sports their shorts above the knee, automatic 10 rbs + 2 blks
  8. Take that feeling, bottle it up. You're going to need it
  9. I actually echo his sentiment. If you have a month off, you dont need rest but you lack conditioning, which can only be recovered if you play more consistently. If he really needed rest, i suspect a phantom injury
  10. You look away for two minutes and be suddenly gets 3 blks
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