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  1. I'm not even mad that Brad refuses to play timelord. I'm mad he insists on playing TT
  2. Lost 4-5, just 1% shy of winning FG%. Why didn't he have any 2H attempts?
  3. Rubio is like clockwork: People draft him, then drop him 2-3 mos in, only to watch him put up top 50 numbers post ASB haha
  4. Definitely. In our keeper league, I paid a $10 premium to his avg draft salary, putting him in the neighborhood of Beal's salary. I also have Beal and they are miles apart despite offering drastically different stats.
  5. Ricky "Second Half" Rubio came early 🤣
  6. You have to wonder what he could do if he just rests and heals up
  7. I straight up traded for Jrue with this guy and now I'm not so sure anymore if I wont that trade (jk, Jrue 4 lyf)
  8. If you watch him, the timing of his rolls really suck. It's either he's too early or he doesn't at all.
  9. He was built for motion offense. It took a while, but he's finally adjusted. I just hope I dont eat my words next week lol
  10. I have dropped this guy three times since drafting him as a Wood insurance and every single time, he blows up. Last time was tonight. You're welcome.
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