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  1. My Head to Head points league needs a new owner. Real MLB team names, and each owner is required to keep at least 5 players from the MLB on roster for each scoring day. The Twins team is available. Check out league settings and rosters using link below. Provide contact info if interested http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=100666
  2. The looks interesting. I want team Australia. Send invite to mwehrle33@yahoo.com
  3. It's a head to head league with R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP / W, SV, K, HLDs, ERA, WHIP The available team includes Harper, Arenado, Sale and Strasburg and Severino. Each team keeps 5 players. If you're interested in the team, please leave your email and some information about your fantasy baseball experience.
  4. I am looking for two owners for a brand new keeper league on ESPN. It has a different setup than most leagues. Each owner chooses a MLB team and will start the year with 3 players from that team. They are known as parent team players (PTPs). Each owner must keep at least 3 PTPs on the roster at all times. Beginning in 2019, each team will keep 12 total players (3 PTPs plus 9 other players), 12 team league, 30 roster spots, H2H points. I'm looking for one AL and one NL team Teams already taken in AL: Angels, Indians, Astros, Yankees, Red Sox - all others available
  5. Need a replacement owner for a solid team still in the playoff hunt. The current owner hasn't been active for several weeks. League has been around for several years. Keep 5 after this season. Key Hitters - Machado, Judge, Benintendi, Conforto, Bogaerts, Trea Turner, etc. Key Pitchers - Corrasco, Cole, Stroman, Morton, Herrera. Looking for an experienced owner who will commit beyond this season. Please leave your fantasy background info and email address if interested.
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