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  1. Sounds like you're making the case. Thing is, Adams has had injury issues too. It's just football. The case could've been made for Michael Thomas this year, or AB in the past. But I think position scarcity still favors going RB, even with a slightly higher injury risk. I think the #1 pick is wide open next year, more than I can remember. I'd say it's Kamara, McCaffrey, Henry, Barkley, Cook in contention, and you could throw Adams in there too. Any of them would be worthy picks.
  2. Looks like Adams and Kelce are the 2 top contenders for 2020 fantasy MVP Edit: surprised not to see more Waller here, considering his opportunity cost (6th-7th round vs 1st-2nd round for Kelce or Adams). My opponent in the finals had him.
  3. 12 teams, 3 divisions, 4 playoff spots, standard scoring. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, DST, K Records of qualifiers: 10-4 (me), 9-5, 8-6, 9-5 (wildcard) QB: Brady RB: Jacobs, RoJo, Dobbins, Harris WR: Adams, AJ Brown, Fuller (RIP), Robby Anderson TE: Tonyan early, Gesicki late, Kittle for the final DST: streamed, then Cleveland for playoffs K: Younghoe Final wrapped up tonight. 116-92
  4. Let's go, Adams and AJ Brown! Slow your roll, Aaron Jones. Ideal start will be 70 yard TD pass to Brown...
  5. Because Fitz can't do Tua's role, and has 15 years of proving it. Fitz doesn't take care of the football, he takes risks and plays a bit wild. I don't think it was necessarily the plan to have this semi-rotation. I'm sure they'd love to see Tua make more plays - but not at the expense of turning the ball over. The 2020 Dolphins are grinders with an opportunistic defense. That's they're identity. It should be good enough to get them into the playoffs. And in the games it isn't, it's nice they have Fitz to turn to for a spark. Going forward, they'll obviously have to get Tua to b
  6. Tua's job is to get a lead and take care of the ball, letting the defense win them games. Fitz's job is to come in and spark the offense if plan A isn't working. It's actually a really smart way to take advantage of having 2 QBs that are both good enough to start but provide diametrically opposite approaches. Hate on Tua all you want, he protects the ball and Fitz doesn't. Hate on Fitz all you want, he makes plays downfield and Tua doesn't. They're a good compliment to each other. Kinda fun to watch. Flores has done an outstanding job as Miami's coach so far. Remember
  7. I have Brady AND Jacobs. That's at least 2 TDs intentionally not scored by my guys. ...and I left Jeff Wilson on my bench.
  8. Wrong, at least on 3rd and goal from the 1 with a minute left. TD there puts LV up either 5 or 7 (if they convert for 2) points with 50 or so seconds left, and no timeouts for Miami, who would need a TD to win or tie. Taking a knee then fg puts LV up 1, and while Miami only has 20 seconds, they only need a fg to win... and they only need to make it to the 40 or so instead of the endzone. Would you rather be up a TD with 50 seconds left, of 1 with 20 seconds left?
  9. It's different if the clock is going to run out on your fg. Jacobs was ok sliding on his 2nd down run. They take a time out with a minute left. All good. Error is when Gruden takes the knee on 3rd down. Stupid not to run and try to get the td there. Taking the knee gets them down to a fg attempt that doesn't end the game. It leaves 20 seconds. If they score a td there, it leaves 50 seconds or so - but LV leads either 28-23 or 30-23. Either way, Dolphins have to go 60+ yards and score a TD to win or tie. Intentionally taking the fg is idiotic. 20 seconds is enough for 2 o
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