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  1. Two big games in a row, no wonder that yesterday was snowing
  2. Mate, delete this post fast! Wrong profile.
  3. Agreed! Tony Bradley is the player to own in OKC. He's a beast, I hope that coach will realize that.
  4. And even those 3-4 games are in between series of bad ones, and I wouldn't call them great either. Great %, and low TO during that stretch, basicly something that every other player will have. Now that his % are back to normal, he is once again out of the top 100. I think it's fair to say that those 4 games were performances we expected from him on a regular basis. Now expectations are so low that people are ecstatic about them. It's like you said he is just a FG% guy, and that is only useful in a even FG% matchup which doesn't happen every week at least for me. This year I didn't have
  5. It's easy when you play in a league by yourself I think that I was clear in my previous message, no one is chiming in anymore, because we've all given up. Last week ranked 123rd, enough said. Decent in real life, but huge fantasy disappointment.
  6. Just stop it, it is quite obvious that you are SixersFan. Stop trolling and hating.
  7. Hahahahaahahahaha, this is the new low on fantasy forums. Did you really created this account just so you give likes and support your other one. Respect! And no it isn't, he is ****ing on guy like he is complete trash. Once again if all you said was, "Hey Moses might not be that great. but enjoy the ride", everything would be cool. That's not what you did, you just came here to hate.
  8. You were saying? There are no haters here anymore, because we've already given up on him. He is in the fight of his life for top 100 value, and that's that. We are all aware of that.
  9. And what you are doing is exactly the same, the only difference being that you share his opinion. He absolutely deserves to be chased out. He doesn't provide anything but unreasonable hate hidden behind "logical take" bs. There is nothing logical in his statements, nor is there anything factual, only his opinions. But opinions filled with so much hate are not that valuable. He claimed how Poku is going to be a star. How is that logical? But for some reason, Moses doesn't even deserve a chance. If the only thing he said was to be a bit more realistic with Moses takes, and how he
  10. Don't really see the reason for such Moses hatred. Although I respect making an account just so you can **** on him
  11. What is your problem? Who hurt you that much?
  12. What is going on here? Is he going to play this season at all?
  13. You robbed him, don't know why that was allowed Double double in 10 mins, Harden cannot do that.
  14. No way, late first at best for me next year. Maybe not even then, but that would be because I really do not like him, not because I don't think that he can provide that value. If LeBron retires or suddenly forgets how to play basketball and Davis is once again forced to give his best every game, maybe then I would consider drafting him in the top 5.
  15. Of course, but impossible to pull off unless Cov owner is braindead. Hunter was good, but his main strenghts were good % and low TO, coming out from an injury, doesn't seem likely that he'll be able to sustain it. Not to mention him being monitored first couple of weeks, maybe even sitting B2B. On the other hand, Cov started the season horribly and he is still ranked higher than Hunter due to his monster play this month. Superb trade for you.
  16. In a 10 team league without TO, a big NO. He was barely rosterable before, now back from injury, 2 centers there and news that he will not start immediately. I'd stay away from him.
  17. Assuming it's H2H 9cat. The question is which offer you should take. I'd take the first one, I do not trust Wood's health. Covington is back to his usual self, and is clearly outplaying both Ayton and Smart. RobWill has great potential + is already playing at the same level as Ayton, and if we look at the past 2 weeks he is playing like a fantasy superstar. Tbh I am aware about this forum's rule that Veto is only for collusion, which btw can never be proven so rarely any Vetoes ever happen, but in my leagues this trade wouldn't be allowed. Not only that you are getting two already bett
  18. Damn, only have him in one league and he is still by far the most annoying player to own. There are still some expectation of him and he always finds a way to underperform. At least before he was guaranteed to give you 10 rebounds a game, but now the boy does nothing. It's not like you can swear at the coach, as Ayton is totally unnecessary and didn't really deserve the playing time he was getting in the first place. I was hoping that projections were right and that he'll get better, but it looks like he'll only get worse as he already started losing playing time. People here are someh
  19. This. Also it's questionable if those guys even watch NBA, Shaq had the segment the other day where he couldn't name the first names of NBA regulars. Ridiculous. There was also Cuban vs Skip talk several years ago, where Skip couldn't answer some of the most basic questions. Even those 20% actual basketball talk is really low quality, mostly do to big egos and past romanticizing.
  20. Can we return to 15+ rebs days? Good time to try to get rid of him, if there are some heavy ranking believers in your league. He's currently ranked 25th for the past 4 games.
  21. Really close trade Beal is slightly better than FVV and Ayton fills that gap. I don't think that there is a clear winner here. Go with your gut.
  22. Absoulutely! Don't see a reason why the other owner is going for this. Why are you undervaluing JRue so much, he's been a clear second rounder so far, it's really unlikely that he'll drop so much, and even if he does he'd still be way better than Ayton and Sexton. I totally agree with BBM rankings for these players JRue >> OG > Ayton >= Sexton. I'd expect all of them to stay where they are. Superb trade for you, your team will become unstoppable. I'd click accept immediately, don't give the other owner time to come to his senses.
  23. I'd love to have Allen for Davis, wouldn't think twice about it. Playoffs start at the same time at yours, and nobody is willing to give up anything for him. It's questionable how much better Davis will be than Clevelend Allen, but it is almost quaranteed that he'll be rested. Not to mention that he'll probably miss good chunk of 1st playoff round. Davis was really dissapointing this year, and it would be foolish to think that he'll get better after injury. You might already lose before Davis has a chance to do anything. So for me this is an easy pass, march 15th is way too soon. I am u
  24. Oh, sorry I tend to forget that points league is a thing too. Still in rankings I see Turner at around 50th position and Ayton at 70th. Not that big of a difference, so that would be a fair trade. If we are talking abount points or leagues with DD, and stuff like that then rankings might greatly change. My points and arguments that I was having were for standard 9 cat only. If you drop Turner's blocks to Aytons level it would be an even fight. Turner would still be a decent all around player if we are looking at his season stats, and if we are looking at his most recent stats then he'd
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