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  1. Thanks for the help yo. Here's my full team. QB : AROID RB : Dalvin Cook RB: Ingram/ West WR: Baldwin WR: AJG TE: Eifert Flex: Thielen/ West/Kamara/ Ingram Bench is pretty thin, only other real asset on there is Engram and Woodhead and Corey Davis
  2. Size- Speed Combination. Latavius is almost 5 inches taller than Cook, is better in pass protection, and has much better straight line speed. Furthermore, if Latavius wasn't good in the red zone, then why would the raiders bell cow him there? They gave him opportunity after opportunity, and he produced respectably. It's not like the Raiders didn't have other red zone options. Crabtree is a beast in the endzone, and Seth Roberts had a crazy conversion percentage.
  3. Ehh.... I like him more as a late 3rd/ early fourth pick. We've only seen him in the preseason so far, and contrary to what most people think, L murray isn't going to just go away. At best, I envision a 70/30 or 80/20 split, with Murray hogging up the touchdowns. I would definitely take Lynch, miller, zeke, crowell, and maybe mcaffery (PPR?) over him.
  4. I would definitely take a shot at him at his ADP, but I don't have high hopes. At best, I see his ceiling as a high end RB2. Regardless, at pick 90, there's little to no risk involved and he's a decent flyer. As long as Unger stays healthy for the full season, I can see both Ingram and AP having good seasons. Ingram will likely be a rb1 again, while AP should be a TD bunny. I would be all in on AP but for one issue and it's not his age. He simply can't run out of the shotgun. Nowhere in his career has he demonstrated the ability to do so, and I doubt Payton
  5. Facts. As a 2016 ARob owner, I could tell that Arob definetly was partly at fault for his awful 2016 season. Bortles still force fed him targets, but 40% of those targets were uncatchable and for the other 40% ARob couldn't separate enough. Maybe he got double teamed more, but he struggled A LOT in getting open compared back to 2015. Factor in the fact that the Jags have a top 10 defense, top 15 o line, bellcow rb, and 2017 looks like another year to forget for Arob.
  6. That's not particularly important for an aging player like Fitz who doesn't rely on athleticism, but rather route-running and hands. Now that Smokey Brown is back, Fitz can move back to the slot where he belongs in and thrives in. I would bank on another 90 catch 1000+ yard season.
  7. I highly doubt that. Flacco routinely leads the league in pass attempts per year, and Maclin has zero competition other than a washed out Mike Wallace, bust Breshad Perriman, and a rehabbing/old Danny Woodhead. Also, consider that Baltimore's run-game is likely to be putrid, which sets up the scene for Flacco to air it out once again. And I agree with Varys that there's quite a lot of recievers in the mid or late rounds who could hit 90 receptions. Quick list off the top of my head: Mid: Allen Landry Fitz Snead Tate Crowder
  8. yep. I see all the upside in the world with him, and Denver HAS to trade at least a few people lol. There backcourt is crowded and so is their frontcourt.
  9. absolutely eating... could be in contention of possible WW pickup of the year
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