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  1. Is his improved rebounding (7.3 per game!!)sustainable? What changed this season?
  2. Surprised to know he is already among the 10 oldest players in the league, thought he should be only 32 or something. Keep this up!
  3. This line, even cut the stock in half, I'll be happy enough for a FA pickup. What worries more is the crappy team defense overall makes even less defensive rebounds to grab...
  4. Wondering if he would still get 30 min. in a fully healthy Pels lineup. Love his production now.
  5. And how did he become an almost 80% FT shooter with that odd form lol
  6. Only gets 6 points in 7 minutes so far. Damn I knew he is a fluke. Jokes aside, I recall last year he started to trend down after All-star break. Was is related to his shoulder or just fatigue? Just wondering if he could remain in top-10 value consistently ROS.
  7. You just cannot tell. They had never had their 3 main bigs healthy at the same time yet. I think Brad Stevens trusts Theis the most for now but it does not mean he will get consistent minutes even in upper 20s. You don't just sign Kanter in offseason just for warming bench, Robert Williams had shown some flashes on his passing ability... so yeah, really a head scratcher. I am holding Theis for now but also ready to drop whenever there is a hot pickup.
  8. Or how to properly catch the ball before that.
  9. 14-team h2h, very hard for me to let go. Hopefully he could still get decent minutes after MB3 gets back.
  10. 8pts/5rebs/2ast/1.4stl/0.7 3PM/48%FG in 22min. It is not that bad, still think eventually he would get at least 30min consistently.
  11. And the 3's were not falling However, he is getting rebounds and steals back lately and also getting consistent min., which makes me glad that I held on to him. Hopefully the thumb injury isn't serious though...
  12. Will he still has 28+ min when everyone healthy?
  13. He actually helped 3's and FT% (haven't missed any FT yet, and team will find him when it comes to late-game fouling situation like today) with some assists and does not turn the ball over much. Although not having good FG% so far, he actually only takes shots he ought to take instead of being a ballhog. With steady playing time, not so bad for an end-of-bench guy.
  14. Another guy on his team scored 29pts in 2nd half but only 2pts in the first half.
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