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  1. Why would you add Obi Topic, he's useless this year. I still don't understand people that drafted him.
  2. Fox for Morant seems fair and would give you a nice boost in assists
  3. Miles obviously. I drafted Mikal in the 9th round and have both now. Good move? There's also Okoro/Gary Trent and Derick Jones Jr on the wire
  4. Had him in the 6th, no-one was touching him. I feel like he could still provide good value at that spot.
  5. It's hard to focus on the text with your profile picture.
  6. Better pickups: Favors, Bridges or Avdija? Choose one. WHIR!
  7. I was not targeting him, but he fell in my lap in the 4th, and had to pull the trigger. I don't think he'll bring 1st or 2nd round value, but I see him bringing 3rd round value, seeing that he seeks a big contract. He's talented, and I don't think the arrival of Capela will significantly reduce his value.
  8. VanVleet and Isaac potentially, but I don't remember when he's due to comeback. Otherwise, go for Dipo and VanVleet
  9. Picked up KD, Isaac and Murray on the off chance that the season will resume. In all honesty though, I think the NBA will go straight to the playoffs, and that NBA fantasy season is done.
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