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  1. Played almost the entire season without Tarik and his targets doubled last season over 2019. Even if Damien OR Cohen split time with Montgomery to the level Cohen was getting in 2019, I expect Monty will finish around RB20-25. If both guys are getting reps alongside Montgomery then it might even be RB3 territory in half or full PPR. He'll be slightly higher in standard Montgomery was one of the highest RBs with 74% snap percentage. His 707 snaps was 2nd in the NFL. I imagine that will come down. Snap percentages were 45%, 54% and 56% first 3 weeks of the season with Cohen around.
  2. Outside of the JAX game he stunk in his 6 games last year.
  3. We'll see if 2020 becomes the norm for him or just an outlier. Never missed a game until this year.
  4. Antonio Brown first saw the field in Week 9 of last season Some stats from last season: Week 9: Evans: WR46 - Godwin: WR67 - Brown: WR71 Week 10: Evans: WR14 - Godwin: WR22 - Brown: WR26 Week 11: Evans: WR23 - Godwin: WR14 - Brown: WR31 Week 12: Evans: WR10 - Godwin: WR17 - Brown: WR88 Week 14: Evans: WR54 - Godwin: WR81 - Brown: WR43 Week 15: Evans: WR20 - Godwin: WR28 - Brown: WR9 Week 16: Evans: WR3 - Godwin: WR16 - Brown: WR29 Week 17: Evans; WR57 - Godwin: WR8 - Brown: WR3 (Evans hurt during the game) FWIW Week 9 and Week 14 were terr
  5. Anyone else lose by 2 points because of the Lamar Jackson “fumble”?
  6. 3rd or 4th highest O/U on the week depending on the site which you might not expect from this game given the teams involved. Philly games have hit the over in both of Jalen's starts. I don't think I'm starting him over Mahomes, Rodgers or Murray but after that I could see Hurts.
  7. Haha I'll worry about that if/when I get there. So far, thanks for the 20 points to start the week Jacobs!
  8. I went back and looked at RB targets when Roman was OC and you're absolutely right about that. Consistently near the bottom of the league. We know when they have a dynamic RB McVay can make them a star. Agree wholeheartedly with Akers>Dobbins short and long term. I see the Ravens RB contract situation and get excited with Gus as an FA and Ingram could save $9mm if cut this off-season.
  9. I would definitely give Akers higher odds to be "the guy" next season for sure. I just didn't see a reason why Dobbins couldn't be also.
  10. Why not? Ray Rice was the bell cow for Harbaugh after his rookie season 2009-2013 Forsett got bell cow treatment in 2014 The Ravens offense was 25th in attempts in 2015 - split between Forsett and Buck Allen The Ravens offense was 30th in attempts in 2016 - Terrence West got 60% of the RB touches 2017 was somewhat of a split between Collins and Allen. Collins wasn't the full time starter until Week 5 that year. He was getting around 20 opportunities per game from Week 5 on. 2018 was all over the place - Jackson's rookie year where he took over mid-season. 2
  11. For Week 16 a few I like: Washington vs. Carolina Arizona vs. San Fran Philly @ Dallas Cleveland @ NYJ Chicago @ Jax Houston vs. Cincy Tamp Bay @ Detroit Buffalo @ New England Have to wait and see what spreads look like and any injuries between now and then, but these are the ones I'm keeping an eye on for next week.
  12. Week 15 DST Streamers Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins have been an extremely consistent, top tier DST this season ranking 11th in the NFL in sacks per game and 2nd in takeaways per game, led by stand-out CB Xavien Howard and his league leading 9 interceptions. As they should be, Miami has probably been owned in most leagues this year, but there might be a chance they’re on your waiver wire given their Week 14 matchup this past week against Kansas City. I doubt many managers had the stones to roll the Dolphins DST out there against Pat Mahomes and Co., so several owners probably dropped th
  13. Yeah I wouldn't worry about the Jets defense. After that Raiders loss that team has checked out for the season. The players had their only win of the season ripped away by Gregg Williams and I doubt there's any motivation to play hard these last few weeks. The Jets haven't really played a tough RB schedule, and yet they still give up the 10th most PPR points per game to RBs. I imagine 10 PPR points is the absolute floor this week baring injury. Ceiling probably in the 30s. You bet that range of outcomes will be in my line-up this week.
  14. Mods can feel free to combine this thread into this one: I didn't see the other one when I created this and GGTW's thread has a bunch more pages.
  15. If you're an underdog this week and need an upside type play I like Davis. He offers a floor of literally zero (twice in the past 5 weeks) but with John Brown out he has a good chance at 4-5 targets. Pitt is 10th against WRs, but they've given up some good games this year. If you're desperate for an upside play I like Darnell Mooney as well. Houston's pass defense has been trash the last few weeks but their run defense has actually been solid. Mooney gets more targets on a weekly basis than Gabriel, and most likely won't goose you where I think Davis' chance of a goose are pretty de
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