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  1. most clutch player I've watched play basketball, just doesnt miss when the game is close
  2. Punting fg% and my team has started the week off 65% shooting in part because of this demon, sure
  3. nice jinx ahhhhh love it the minutes are super encouraging most of all though
  4. This should be the bare minimum hes so much better than anyone else on the roster lmao
  5. THE 5TH??? bruh you better be winning your league with a player like FVV in the 5th round ffs
  6. No thank you, he’s essentially Melo v.2 at this point. Portland is not in need of another inefficient midrange scorer who cant defend and will slow all offense
  7. Love him but cant afford to carry him this week against the best team in the league while in s---y positioning. Still holding Poeltl and White but I couldnt handle a third Spur, sorry Keldon hopefully I can get you back later
  8. Jeff Green gotta be worth while KD is out for the b2b at the least
  9. You must not be happy with losing him if youre still in this thread lol, why wouldnt we be happy with what hes doing
  10. Dunno what people hold him for, you can get 13/5 and 0 other stats on the wire pretty easily
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