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  1. Imagine this line with some stocks sheesh But the free throws man 🥰
  2. 9/11/3 with a steal and a 3 in 21 minutes, man I cant wait till theres another 10 minutes ontop
  3. Baller, and hes doing this while shooting significantly below his averages. Hes going to regress to the mean and shoot a ridiculous percentage at the optimal time for winning leagues 🥰
  4. Sure but there WAS 2 overtimes and they won the game because of him lol, not sure what iso ball you watched they consistently ran the same screen action that Trae made the right read/decision on 9 times out of 10. I dont particularly think hes that great and I think he is overrated in general but most overrated is pretty dramatic
  5. Pretty much just won Atlanta the game himself so weird time to say so
  6. I was so pissed he and OG didnt get a single steal for me their first game this week.. Needless to say I’m pretty happy with their stocks so far 🤤 Had him since his career high game and loved every week of it
  7. Hes playing with so much confidence now man sheesh, hopefully the defense continues forever because theres probably a bit of shooting regression to come. Thought id never be able to win a single matchup with how he was playing after I took him so early and now hes winning me my matchups every week.
  8. love the ft%, wouldve liked some more points/3s but im sure he’ll get his
  9. Lillard really likes to spoonfeed Nurkic shot attempts, dont be too surprised if Nurk does get more shot attempts in general.
  10. Playing out of his goddamn mind lately
  11. Nah hes steadily improved his free throws I trust once hes in rhythm with games under his belt and he gets some volume at the line he’ll get it back towards mid 70’s
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